Friday, 27 July 2007

Which Jane are you? Take a Jane Austen quiz!

From the U.S. Official Site (Take the Jane Quiz), answer a series of ten questions to find out which character trait of Jane Austen you most identify with. Have a try; it’s fun! Me… after answering those questions (though some answers were not suitable), I found this:

You’re a romantic!

You daydream of prince charming sweeping you off your feet and living happily ever after. You’re old-fashioned when it comes to love and courtship, but you’re also not afraid to follow your heart wherever it may take you.

Oh, and take a look at the trailers afterwards (you have to take the quiz first)… in London, when Tom and Jane walked up the stairs (after the excursion to Mrs. Ann Radcliffe's)… sooo gorgeous, I almost fainted!

JA: Could we really have this?

TL: What, precisely?

JA: …You

TL: Me, how?

JA: … this life with you

TL: Yes…

And they are about to kiss when brother Henry Austen came!

HA: Lefroy...!

TL: Hush! The Judge!

Then, Jane and Tom looked at each other.

JA: Goodnight…

TL: Goodnight...

Then, as Jane was about to enter her room…

TL: Miss Austen?

JA: Yes? (waiting to be kissed)

TL: … goodnight!

Damned! Tom is soo yummy! I looooove that stairs scene! (if I were Jane, I would grab Tom and kiss him right away! Don’t care about the Judge!).

Oh, seemingly only the 'romantic' ones got that stair-scene, for I tried again, and I got 'A forward thinker'... and landed on the scene between Lady Gresham and Jane Austen! Haha! And the 'Rebel' got the cricket scene, which is fun as well.



Anonymous said...

What a fabulous scene, and I thought I wouldn't see anything new till the movie!
I love how he fakes her out in such a playful way.

Icha said...

Such a teaser, eh? But I'm glad they didn't kiss (not that I don't enjoy the other kissing scenes), for it adds up to the tension there...

So lovely!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love tension in this way. Like the first proposal in P&P 05. Always good!

Thought you would want to know the clips section on the US site is now up!

Rachel said...

I came out as a 'forward thinker' on the quiz and had the delight of watching the scene between Lady Gresham and Jane. What type of Jane is everyone else??

Icha said...

Oh, I haven't gone more than Romantic, forward thinker, and a rebel. Should try another thing as well... might come up with something entirely new!