Thursday, 19 July 2007

Deleted Scenes of 'Becoming Jane' in the DVD!

Thanks to Sarah once again, I learned that the BBC has posted another announcement of the Becoming Jane DVD featurette, and now it includes the deleted scenes!

How cool is that! Am I too silly to think that they might read this blog and the previous post about DVD Featurettes? :-D

So now, the DVD featurettes are:
1. Regency Dance Featurette
2. Hair, Make-up & Costume Design Featurette
3. Filming the Cricket Scene
4. Filming the Boxing Scene
5. Becoming Jane
6. Deleted scenes

In any case, I'm still begging the DVD producers to include Bray and other locations of Becoming Jane in the DVD. Especially Bray, for it is such an interesting thing that it was also the place where Tom lived from 1866-1869 and died.

Sarah, how about you 'monitoring' that BBC site for us, eh? You're a good observer there, my dear friend! :-D

Oh, and I'm going to post an article about cricket, hopefully today. So, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow, what a fantastic discovery this blog was! I was reading some of your earlier entries and noticed one of you was after the Canadian/US limited release poster. I bought a copy last night on eBay and I just noticed the seller has listed another. Good luck! -Michelle

Icha said...


Now, that's a bit too expensive for a student like me... but I think if anyone has the budget, it's really worth it!

Myself... I plan to be so nice to my Blockbuster guys, so that they can give me one DVD poster for free after the BJ DVD is released!

Thanks a lot, Michelle. Really nice to have you here!

Anonymous said...

I'd be more than happy to keep an eye on the BBFC site, Icha! To be honest, I learnt that it was a good place to keep track of what is or is not included on a DVD a year or so ago when I and a couple of online friends were waiting for the release of a DVD that kept being pushed back. Because the BBFC has to pass all material that is broadcast in the UK (basically just to make sure it's not pornography or anything, and to give it a rating), DVD contents are always posted there. So who knows, there may be more extras for the Becoming Jane DVD yet!


Icha said...

Cool bananas! Now you're 'officially' inside the circle - for I also have several friends who regularly inform me (via emails or comments) of exciting news. The site is much better because of you guys.

Thanks, and join the club!