Friday, 27 July 2007

'Becoming Jane' music videos and interview in YouTube

Apparently I've missed several music videos of Becoming Jane from YouTube, so here they are. Now, the first one I found was Anne Hathaway's interview with Talking Pictures' host Tony Toscano. No embedded tag, so you have to click here to see it.

The second one is a music video by SinnedAngel08, titled 'Jane and Tom'.

Afterwards, we have Celine Dion singing Then You Look at Me for the background, music video made by Floramir. There's a few seconds clip of James McAvoy and Jessica Ashworth (Lucy Lefroy), apparently off the set watching the filming. Lovely!


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Rachel said...

Oh I had not seen the second one of these yet. I love the clip of James and Jessica watching the filming. And of course the Celine Dion song is perfectly apt- I think she sings with such passion.
Thank you so much to SinnedAngel08 and Floramir for such wonderful tributes.