Thursday, 12 July 2007

DVD release date in UK

Ms. Kia Blue of the 2Entertain Cinema Club has just confirmed that the DVD of Becoming Jane will be released on September 10th priced £19.99.

Amazon UK says it's £12.98, though. For international buyers who wants faster delivery, I recommend HMV UK (£12.99), for I received the Becoming Jane Soundtrack only 10 days after the shipment. So, let's hope that it's cheaper than £19.99. If not, well... I plan to pre-order anyway!


Anonymous said...

I believe that is the same date for us yankees too.
Since I haven't seen the movie yet, and can only induldge in clips, I have only gotten a taste of the music. Sounds lovely!
I know I enjoy my P&P soundtrack, hoping this one is as good or better.

Icha said...

Oh, I guess you'll love BJ soundtrack. It's soulful, but has some merry musics as well (cricket, Basingstoke, Laverton, and my fave: Bond Street).

Which PP do you refer to? The 1995 or the 2005? I want to have them both, but I have to save a bit now. Will buy them in a month time...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Icha!

The 05 P&P soundtrack was given to me as a gift and I love it. Dawn is my favorite.

I do not own the soundtrack to the 95 miniseries but I would love to as I adore the mini. Especially Mr Beveridge's Maggot, although Amazon shows its not on there.

Anonymous said...

did they say when they'll release the DVD here in the US?

Icha said...

No, has not informed us the date:

My DVD copy from the UK is flying to Australia. It's bloody expensive, but I am to leave to Indonesia for field work soon, hence I cannot wait for the Region 4 DVD coming out in Australia. My player is multi-region, so it's safe.