Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The New York Times extra clip

Thanks a lot to Kari, here's the extra clip from the New York Times. It's from the library scene... and I bet many women would LOVE to have their horizons widened by James McAvoy /Tom Lefroy! :-D


And as most of the screening days are today (July 31), I hope you all have fun, enjoy Becoming Jane, and give our love to Anne, James and the other casts and crews that have done so well and inspired this blog!


Olivia S said...

I wish they had included the part in the scene when Tom talks about the birds screeching in ecstasy :p

Icha said...

Birds? The female bug, you mean?

Oh, anyway! I know what you mean... and it's indeed a tempting 'widening experience' offer, right? ;-)

Have you seen the movie, Olivia? Hope you like it!