Monday, 25 February 2008

'If I Loved You Less' last chapter & 'I Remember Love'

Sorry that I am so slow in updating and checking BJ-related fan-fictions, but at least I can say that I've finished the If I Loved You Less story arc where the old Thomas Langlois Lefroy conversed with Thomas Edward Preston Lefroy about Cadell & Davies letter and the late Jane Austen. Chapter 5 is here already, thanks to Rachel's beta. I hope you find it pleasing to read.

As I said earlier, I have no time to track other Becoming Jane fan-fictions, but I welcome all feedbacks and hints of the existence of other BJ fan-fictions. I can say though, that you should read Jakeline's/Maria's I Remember Love has reached Chapter 13, for it's a very interesting read! Well done, Maria! For other BJ writers, do drop in to give me your links, and I shall put them in the left-side bar.


Maria gave me the link to another BJ fan-fiction, Fantasy & Responsibility by Kae Martyndale. Check the three existing chapters as well, they're touchy to read. Thanks, Maria!

Pic: Bust statue of Thomas Langlois Lefroy, taken from Cranfield's 'From Ireland to Western Australia'

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

BJ deleted scenes in YouTube

I have seen all of the deleted scenes, thanks to Bilbo’s tips for YouTube, and MissJaneAustenfan for providing us the excellent deleted scenes at YouTube. These are the two YouTube clips and my very short comments for each deleted scenes, due to time constrains.

First part:

1. Extended Church Scene: cute brother George! And it’s rather funny to see some people fell asleep when Mr. Austen gave the sermon… (definitely a rather lengthy sermon that Edward Ferrars would not give!)

2. Wisley's First Proposal: Jane’s curtsey was so cute (and very Anne, for that matter, in a good way!)

3. Henry Embarrasses Jane: I wish it was not deleted, for Henry-Jane interaction is always very interesting.

4. Jane Writes to Cassandra: I see Anne’s handwriting was truly loyal to Jane’s style here. And we can see Mrs. Edward Austen’s late pregnancy there as well!

5. Mrs. Austen Reprimands Jane: Oh, love it when Mrs. Austen forbade Jane to see Tom again, and Jane’s reaction. And now finally I understood where the ‘Heart disturbed’ came from. Mr. Austen was the one who said it!

6. Wisley Learns to Dance: so cute! I don’t mind it being there! Okay, it's not so related, but it's funny.

7. Jane Plots in the Rain: nice interactions between Jane-Eliza-Henry.

Second part:

8. Lady Gresham Invites Jane to Dinner: Maggie Smith’s Lady Gresham is always pleasing to see, though I understand why this one is deleted (for it did not give many to the plot)

9. Jane Learns of Tom's Marriage: Bittersweet, sad, though Tom was not married yet at that time. Again, I wish it was not deleted. Later, we can also see the sisterhood between Jane and Cass.

10. Under a Rainy Tree: Again, the sisterhood; they should have let it in the movie. Plus, it reminds me of Marianne and Elinor Dashwood as they walked down the hill after Marianne’s illness.

11. Mrs. Lefroy Comes to Tea: this is seriously the reminiscent of Letter 17 November 1798 when Jane wrote to Cassandra about Mrs. Anne Lefroy visiting Steventon and told a very bit about Tom Lefroy’s visit (‘Mrs. Lefroy did come last Wednesday, and the Harwoods came likewise, but very considerately paid their visit before Mrs. Lefroy's arrival, with whom, in spite of interruptions both from my father and James, I was enough alone to hear all that was interesting, which you will easily credit when I tell you that of her nephew she said nothing at all, and of her friend very little. She did not once mention the name of the former to me, and I was too proud to make any inquiries; but on my father's afterwards asking where he was, I learnt that he was gone back to London in his way to Ireland, where he is called to the Bar and means to practise.’).

12. George is Left Behind: touchy, so George also KNEW that Jane would run away with Tom. But of course he knew, he was there in the forest!

13. Extended Recital Scene: it’s rather interesting to see how, in the end, the soprano also solemnly clapped to Jane Austen and how many people actually rather recognised Jane as someone important or famous. It’s subtle, but lovely; I think it is my most favourite deleted scene of all. Perhaps they should leave it in the movie.

So, overall, buying the US version of Becoming Jane DVD is truly a good investment!

Becoming Jane's deleted scenes

Many thanks to Bilbo who has sent me the list of Becoming Jane's deleted scenes, these are the deleted scenes I would very much like to see (and are evidently non-existent in the Australian and NZ DVD versions!):

1. Extended Church Scene
2. Wisley's First Proposal
3. Henry Embarrasses Jane
4. Jane Writes to Cassandra
5. Mrs. Austen Reprimands Jane
6. Wisley Learns to Dance
7. Jane Plots in the Rain
8. Lady Gresham Invites Jane to Dinner
9. Jane Learns of Tom's Marriage
10. Under a Rainy Tree
11. Mrs. Lefroy Comes to Tea
12. George is Left Behind
13. Extended Recital Scene

From the titles, I expect to find interesting scenes, despite them being deleted. I did read somewhere (in Amazon, I think) that some viewers might find the deleted scenes boring, but I often find deleted scenes interesting to see again and again (I especially want to see Scene #9 when Jane learned of Tom's marriage).

So dear friends, please let us know what you think of the deleted scenes? Bilbo, you could drop us some comments on what you think of them, you know, though Rachel has done a review on some of them before; I doubt that the UK version has such an extensive list of deleted scene as the US version.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

The waiting is almost over: Becoming Jane DVD and Blu-ray!

Sorry for the long silence, seemingly all Team Jane are busy bees at the moment. However, I am very pleased to inform/remind you all that next week (Tuesday, 12 February 2008, to be precise), we will have the US version of Becoming Jane DVD and Blu-ray available!

Miramax has offered to send me a free copy of the BJ DVD, and I shall review it once it arrives (thank you, Miramax!). I also received a press release of the DVD, and it contains the latest featurettes of the DVD as follows:

* Discovering the Real Jane Austen – The best known author of her era, she continues to sell books and inspire films almost two hundred years after her death, but what do we really know about Jane Austen? Find out some surprising truths in this fascinating featurette.

* Becoming Jane Pop-Up Facts & Footnotes - Interactive insights

* Audio Commentary with director Julian Jarrold, writer Kevin Hood and producer Robert Bernstein

* Deleted scenes

So, have you guys pre-ordered at the yet? It’s at $ 17.99 there, not the previously-announced $ 29.99, so better get it now. I shall drop a review as soon as I receive my copy from Miramax (wink!).