Saturday, 28 July 2007

'Becoming Jane' clips in U.S. Official Site!

Thanks to Kari for informing me. Go to the U.S. Official Site, under the 'Video' section, and click 'Clips'. The moment I saw the kissing scene by the pool... I truly want to see it again... (it's not rain, just water sprinkling from the fountain).

So now we have the scene where Jane criticized Tom Lefroy in front of Henry and Eliza, while Tom was all along behind her listening! Then, the Basingstoke dance, where Tom and Jane bashed each other's flaws. We also have the great scene of Mum and Jane quarelling, with Mr. Austen as the negotiator (lovely scene!)... and of course, the kissing by the pool!

The thing is, in Basingstoke, there's a scene I remember SO WELL where Tom said something and (pretending to forget Jane's name again), resumed with '....Miss?' on which Jane replied with 'Austen.' She then threw her repartees and also, pretending to forget Tom's name, added, '...Mr...?' to which Tom coolly replied with, 'Lefroy.'

That scene is NOT there! Bhuhuhuuuu!!! Why do you have to change that, Julian? It was perfect! The tone where James McAvoy said 'Depend on the woman. And what she thinks of me!' is also different...

I hope the UK DVD has the version that I watched.... or hopefully, the clip is the cut version, but in the movie it will be the same with the UK version...

Pic: Jane and Tom kissing by the pool, from the Yahoo movie.


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Rachel said...

We appreciate your interest in the blog Joshua, thank you for visiting.
I have just had a chance to properly view the official site (internet still down) and I completely agree Icha, the part where Tom pretends to forget Jane's name again is missing! The timing of that line was perfect and I remember laughing out loud, it was a great representation of their chemistry...why isnt it there?! I do hope it is on the DVD. Anyway if anyone has not visited the official site then do now, it is worth a visit.

Icha said...

Indeed. Why on earth is that scene deleted? Oh, such a horrid idea! I really want to see THAT scene again, where they pretended to forget each other's name. Arrrgh!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ladies

I saw the film tonight and it was everyhting I thought it would be!!! I can write more later but I wanted to re-assure you that the scene you speak of above is there! AND it was fabulous! aahhh ...

Icha said...

The comment I'm waiting for! Tell me my dear friend, how is it?

Also, I will set a new post just for dropping comments... and perhaps voting for favourite scenes.

So, is it true that the scene where Tom and Jane pretended to forget the names still there?

Did you cry?

I'm rambling, so I better stop now. But thank you!