Monday, 24 March 2008

Becoming Jane Quotes

I should have done this long ago, but I keep forgetting. Watching Becoming Jane again last night made me dig my old file. So here we go: the quotes. Of course, more input and additions are welcomed. So, what’s your favourite?

“Mr. Austen, I have shared the bed with you for thirty two years, and perfection is something I have yet encountered.” – Mrs. Austen

A brilliant young lawyer - with a reputation!- Lucy Lefroy on Tom Lefroy
For lateness?- Jane Austen on Tom Lefroy

“The most disagreeable, insolent, arrogant, imprudent, insufferable, impertinent of men!”
Jane Austen on Tom Lefroy

“Flirting is a woman's trade. One must keep in practice.” – Eliza De Feuillide

“Experience can recommend a man...” – Eliza de Feullide

“If you wish to practice the art of fiction, to be the equal of a masculine author, experience is vital. Your horizons must be…widened.” – Tom Lefroy

In life, bad characters often thrive; take yourself.” – Jane Austen to Tom Lefroy

“A novel must show how the world truly is. Somehow, reveals the true source of our actions.” – Jane Austen

“Jane!” – Mrs. Austen
“What is she doing?” – Lady Gresham
“Writing.” – Mr. Wisley
“Can’t anything be done about it?!”– Lady Gresham

“Affection is desirable. Money is absolutely indispensable!” – Mrs. Austen

“No sensible women would demonstrate passion, if the purpose were to attract a husband.” – Jane Austen
“As opposed to a lover?” – Tom Lefroy

“How can you of all people dispose of yourself without affection?” – Tom Lefroy
“How can I dispose of myself with it?” – Jane Austen

I'm yours, Jane, heart and soul! - Tom Lefroy

“Portable property is happiness in a pocketbook.” – Jane Austen

“Irony is the bringing together of contradictory truths to make out of the contradiction a new truth with a laugh or a smile.”Jane Austen

“Jane, I've tried! I have tried and I cannot live this lie. Can you?– Tom Lefroy

What value would there be in life, if we are not together?” – Tom Lefroy

“You cannot begin to imagine...” – John Warren
“Thank you for your kind attention...but... ARE THERE NO OTHER WOMEN IN HAMPSHIRE?!” – Jane Austen

“As for fortune, a young woman might depend on herself.” – Jane Austen

My characters shall have, after a little bit of trouble, all that they desire.” – Jane Austen


Anonymous said...

ooh love the quotes! my fav would have to be: "your horizons must be..widened" - Lefroy <33 so hot when he said that haha

hmm thinking back to the movie i remember one:
"jane, i have tried, i have tried and i cannot live this lie..can you? jane, can you?"

Tom: Run away with me Jane
Jane: An elopement?
Tom: Yes, that is exactly what I propose

Jane: Leave everything?
Tom: Yes, that's the only way we can be together

Icha said...

ooohhh!!! That I remember. My best fave so far is the most insufferable men (got it from Lizzy Bennet, I bet!) and TL's '“What value would there be in life, if we are not together?”

mamma jakeline said...

Icha, Did you hear that I put in the "heart and soul" and "value of life" in my latest vid? I finally figured out how to do it! *grins*

But I do adore when he says Your horizons must be widened. He is amazingly hot... The whole library scene is growing on me. (Been watching a lot lately due to my new hobby.)

/love from Maria in Sweden

Icha said...

Oh! I forgot 'I;m yours heart and soul"! It was on my list, on the left side bar even, but it dropped somewhere. Thanks!

and yes, I do notice those lines in your fanvid. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh,this is great!Very nice reading and very much appreciated :)There are many of my favourite quotes,thank you;)

Anonymous said...

my favorite movie is becoming jane!! im watching it right now another notable quote would be the scene whenthe mother is saying no ones good enough and the father says he was the model of perfection and then she says that she has shared his bed for 32 years and perfection is something she has not encountered perfect

Icha said...

Oh, that one is soo funny! And I've added some more quotes based on input from you dear friends, and shuffled the order a bit to be more chronological.

Unknown said...

I thought it was funny after she had read his book and they were walking near the church...

"In life bad characters oftern thrive, take yourself." --Jane

bilbo said...

There are indeed a plethora of memorable quotes in BJ. If I may offer an amendment to Icha's impressive list - JA's very first comment on TL actually occurs just before her reading on Cassandra's engagement, when Lucy Lefroy excitedly announces the visit of her cousin TL (whom JA has not yet met):
LL: "A brilliant young lawyer - with a reputation!" JA: "For lateness?"

bilbo said...

What I find especially moving about BJ is that it imagines love finding the young JA - who we know will be the author of 6+ great romantic novels, always seeking to perfect her writing. Thus, after she impulsively writes to her sister describing TL as "the most disagreeable, insolent, arrogant, impudent, insufferable, impertinent of men!", she immediately critiques her own work, verbally - "too many adjectives", and with scissors, so Cassandra receives a letter full of holes!

Icha said...

Monica and Bilbo, the input are inserted already. And Bilbo, thanks for the amendment. It's there now :-D

And yes, the letter full of holes is sooo funny!

Judit said...

Hi All!To me one of the best and saddest parts is when Jane packs to elope with Tom, and Cassandra tries to talk to her, that she will loose everything, but Jane asks her, that if she could have her Robert back, even like this, would she do it...and she says nothing, but of course we all know, that the answer is yes.And thats the moment when Cassandra understands what Jane is feeling...Sooo sad.

mamma jakeline said...

Hi girls!
Found another BJ-fic that sounds promising. It's called Becoming Jane My Ending, by lovestruck1990.

mamma jakeline said...

Oops sorry, wrong one... hehe... I'm a bit distracted at the moment. it was the one called Love demands sacrifice I was referring to. Written by LadyLizard3492...

/tata from Maria in a Springish Sweden

Icha said...

Thanks a lot, Maria! It's a lovely piece, and very 'naughty' as well to include Mr. Darcy there. I was like...'Is this alternate universe?' thing, before realising that it was Jane writing Darcy!

It's added on the left bar already now.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite parts, I guess it's not much of a quote... is when Jane is sitting at the table with Tom and she reaches for her hat because she is about to leave... Tom grabs for her hand and says "No!" There is such desperation in his voice at that moment. You can see the pain in his face as he pleads with her to stay...

Sharon Goemaere said...

I would have to say that, as a writer,my favorite quote in the entire movie is when told what Jane is doing(writing)someone asks"Can't anything be done about it?"I laughed so hard when I heard that spoken...Great site by the way.:-)Blessings~Sharon

Icha said...

Sharon, hi. Yeah, Lady Gresham was amazing there, wasn't she? LOL!

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about the one when she says something like leave me with a smili or I will not believe our love was true or something like that.

Forrest XD said...

I loved this movie, I am doing an essay on Jane Austen and have been watching multiple movies of her novels as well as reading them and i think that it is suffice to say that i am becoming obsessed. Reading all the quotes that you and so many other people have posted helps get my creative juices flowing but deepens my interest. I falling hopelessly in love with Tom Lefroy and i don't want to do a thing about! :) xoxo great thanks to all my fellow Austen Obsessers

Rachel said...

Hi Forrest XD. I am so glad that you are getting something from the blog. Any help we can be then we will try so do email us.
Have you seen Becoming Jane? Yes it is very easy to fall in love with Tom Lefroy! And you are certainly among fellow obsessors!
Thanks for the comment.

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Icha said...

I am terribly sorry for our total lack of checking the comments. We haven't been checking it for a while, thus we missed your comment. I will make more time to check comments from our dear readers. Please do forgive us for this oversight, and thank you for visiting us...