Monday, 23 July 2007

Hunting the Lefroys

Dear friends,

Just want to leave several lines to explain my lack of posts this weekend... because I had to go to Hogwarts to join the Battle of Hogwarts! Of course, despite the horrible casualties, we won; the Dark Lord is dead, and peace and security is restored. Hence, I can return to the Regency Era and pour some fractions of my soul to Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy once more!

As such, our dedicated 'librarian' Linda has directed me again to a book that might help me with the clear pedigree of Thomas Langlois Lefroy. The book is called Visitation of Ireland (1973) by Joseph Jackson Howard and Frederick Arthur Crisp. Extract of the pages of Lefroy can be found here, but it did not show the 'Jane Lefroy' name that I've been hunting down.

Dearest Linda is trying to obtain the book, and so will I. Pray that I can post a Thomas Langlois Lefroy pedigree soon, with Linda's help, of course!

Pic: family crest of the Lefroys


Vic said...

Yes, the hogwarts have diverted quite a number of people, delightfully so. Glad to see you are back.

Icha said...

Indeed! But I am not surprise if one day I find the connection of a Hogwartian with Regency Era. After all, the history of magic spread long before even the Georgian Era! :-D