Saturday, 24 May 2008

Happy Anniversary! And Quiz extended!

Happy Anniversary for Becoming Jane Fansite and all of us! One year young, and lots of things to do to explore the chaste love and camaraderie between Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy!

And we’ve decided to extend the deadline of BJ Anniversary Quiz to 31 May 2008, to give more people chance to participate in our becoming. That’s it: Saturday, 31 May 2008 at 24:00 GMT (the midnight between Saturday and Sunday). It is equivalent to Saturday, 31 May 2008 at 8pm for New York, USA. It is also equivalent to Sunday, 1 June 2008 GMT+1 for UK, GMT+8 for central Indonesia time, GMT+10 for Sydney Australia, and GMT+12 for New Zealand.

How to join? Just answer the two questions down here and send the answers to Icha ( AND Rachel ( DON’T reply to the comment section, unless you want your answers copied by others. The winner will be announced on 2 June 2008 at the latest and he/she will get a BJ DVD shipped to his/her address wherever that is (thanks to Michelle Molloy for the DVD donation!).

Now the questions:

1. What was Jane Austen’s last letter that directly referred to Tom Lefroy? (Answer style: Letter Date Month Year)

2. Choose two places of BJ movie locations that have association with Tom Lefroy

a. Carrigglas Manor

b. King's Inn, Dublin

c. Mt. Jerome cemetery

d. Higginsbrook, Co. Meath

e. Bray, Co. Wicklow

Don’t forget to give us your full name (real one, for postage) and postal address (including ZIP code) along with the answers.

Have fun with the easy quiz, and thanks a lot for your support! We’re one year young, and we can’t do it without you!


mamma jakeline said...

Happy Anniversary!

Icha said...

Thank you Peanut and Mum!

mamma jakeline said...

Ok, so we went to see the new Indiana Jones' movie. Quite good actually. BUT the trailer before it started was for Wanted, the new one with James McHottie McAvoy. I couldn't breathe. My darling looked at me with very, very queering eyes! ;) He's sooooo hot. I gotta see it.

/ kisses from Maria and Peanut

Anonymous said...

Hello Icha and Rachel,

Many felicitations on this lovely occasion. Honestly, I can't believe I lived so long before finding your site (lol!).

To celebrate, I'll just have to watch the DVD AGAIN tonight!


Vic said...

I've got to extend my best wishes as well. Happy One Year!


Icha said...

Vic, thanks a lot for your support and wishes! Truly appreciate your freindship here, mate!

Peanut, tell Mum to behave, lest you will look like McAvoy instead of Dad! (wink!)

Hi Kimberley, thanks a lot for the wishes! The anniversary is also for Linda, Michelle and Kari of the Team Jane, and to all friends who have stayed with us for so long.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary, BJF! Wow, one year - such a milestone - and may there be many more with our friends at our side!

[i]Peanut, tell Mum to behave, lest you will look like McAvoy instead of Dad! (wink![/i]

... Actually Icha, I don't think Peanut's mum would mind too much ... :p Seriously Maria, just what is dad going to say when you suggest, hmm, perhaps "James" for a boy?

(PS: you're such a good sport!)

Icha said...

LOL! Michelle! So glad you're here! I'm going to the field soon, so you and TJ take care of the site yeah? I missed your Austen essays!

And 'James' would be a very nice name for Peanut if it's a he :-D

mamma jakeline said...

*lol* Anything related to JA or her books/movies are a no-go when it comes to names. We have a few names on the list, mostly old fashion Swedish names like; Arvid, Nora, Alde (my favourite for a girl), Alvin. We had almost decided on Èomer if it was a boy, yes my darling is a Tolkien fan. But we'll have to see when Peanut comes out. It may be a Bert. :P *please God, no!*

Today it's mother's day in Sweden so our mothers gets to be let in on the big secret. :D

/sunny hugs and kisses from Maria and Peanut

Michelle said...

Hahahaha! I love the name Alde! How do you pronounce it? Oh wow - all the best making the big announcement - how exciting!!

You know, I really pity all the Hydrangiah Madelyna de'Crystal Sentenery's out there in the world - (no offense to said names)or, in other words bodice-ripper babies. ;) You know ...

I have vowed to bombard my sister with super-duper-romantic movies and novels when she gets pregnant in hopes of a "Venus Madonna Eden-Harem" or a "Romeo-Braveheart". I can dream!

Icha, take care in the field!! I haven't posted for a while but I am working on something (or should be). I come across lots of interesting JA stuff in my uni books, and I have set myself the challenge of mentioning JA in every academic essay - def. keeps it interesting! xx

Michelle said...

Sorry to go O/T TJ, but Maria, I was just looking out at the snowy mountains on my doorstep (literaly - it's freezing! but magnificent) and I remembered your LOTR comment. Is your partner a fan of the movies? We used to watch them filming (mountain scenes) from our lounge windows, and at one stage their base-camp was just down the road ... With the Hobbit we might see some more action, and maybe a I'll even score a wild-horsewoman from NZ extra part. :p Nooo, that's probably hallucinating a bit too much. But, interesting times ahead!

Now I'll stop procrastinating and get back to my myth essay - due in 23 hours and not a peep on the page! (I shouldn't admit that)

mamma jakeline said...

Michelle, yes all those Frodos and Gandalfs out there... We thought Éomer was one of those more "normal" names. ;) Could be an old Swedish name... Alde is pronounced, well as it reads really, Al as in the name Al, and emphasis on d, with a short e as in end. Makes sence? :P Really hard to explain how it is pronounced.

Yes we are both big fans of LOTR. I was trying to write my literary essay on The Hobbit, but well... hmm something happened. (really need to finish my degree soon).

/tata from Maria and peanut

Jane Odiwe said...

Happy Anniversary!

A whole year of blogging-congratulations to you all!

Dina said...

Hi Icha & Rachel,

I already have a BJ dvd, but wanted to stop by & wish you a very Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Icha said...

Jane and Dina, thanks a lot for the anniversary wishes. Wow... a whole year of blogging flew by that easily eh? Not really easy, particularly balancing real life with Austenian life. But I'm glad we're all still here after one year.

Mimi said...

I would *love* to win the DVD. I have only seen it on YouTube and on the plane with two toddlers on my lap.
Can I find the answers to the questions on this blog? or do I have to dig deeper?