Wednesday, 15 August 2007

'Becoming Jane' scene vote!

Dear friends,

Notwithstanding many excellent scenes in Becoming Jane, we found out that many viewers like to talk of their favourite scenes. Hence, I've created two polls for you all, 1) favourite scenes between Jane and Tom; and 2) other favourite scenes involving Jane and other characters. The vote is not meant to imply that other scenes are not good (for to me, they are all good - but this is my personal view, of course). Rather, the vote just to see which of the scenes you all love the most.

I've enabled the multiple answer function, hence you can choose more than one option. The voting will be held until October 30, 2007, about a month after the DVD release. I apologise in advance if I fail to accommodate particular scenes, for once the voting system is in place and voted, I cannot alter it.

On another note, I have once said that I would provide you with the scanned Radovici text. I am still into my words, just that I experienced some glitches in the scanning, hence the files are too large to send. Hence, I will re-scan my Radovici copy and send it to you upon request. Those who once requested me the files, please send me another email, and make sure that your email address is a valid one to prevent the files bouncing back.Thank you for your understanding and patience.

PS 17 August 2007:

Gosh, a note from Amanda just made me realise that it should be WISLEY instead of WEASLEY! Bummer. I knew I made a mistake somewhere but could not pin-point where. So, here's to Mr. WISLEY, whom I admire though he did not go to Gryffindor and fought You-Know-Who! Thanks, Amanda! (smiling sheepishly)

Pic: Jane Austen, Eliza de Feullide and Henry Austen, from


Anonymous said...

Thank You Icha!

I know I love to chat with others about the scenes in the film and to hear how others interpreted them.

I will have more on Ireland too - thanks for the email!

As my Australian friend says "i'm under the pump" with work so sit tight and i'll have more info. ; )

ps - During the last scene when the spoarno is singing I saw a brief shot of a shadowy figure. Is that supposed to be Tom looking at Jane? I read that he was supposed to be spying on her so-to-speak but for the US cut it was so fast. Not sure if we saw different versions?

Icha said...

Well, Rachel and I have been talking about it for a while, and I'm glad I managed the time today to make the poll ^_^

Not surprisingly, the ballroom dance, though it was lost to the scene when Jane met Tom again in the woods, now it's on par with Jane/Tom in the woods (with George). And Jane met Jane was #3.

But surprisingly, Jane/Weasley conversation is on par with Cassandra mourning Tom Fowle! Interesting!

The last scene, the shadowy figure. You got the same version, and I didn't think that it was Tom until my second viewing. I got suspicious then because they shot Jane's face rather prolonged, but also including that shadowy figure there. It's gotta be Tom. When the song finished, he immediately dashed off.

Re: the email, we have more info on Leeson Street. I will email you the info.

take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Icha

Thanks fo the TL/Ireland info - more on that coming.

I am a littel suprised about the impact on viewers during the scene when Jane met Tom again in the woods. It's a wonderful scene, which I have only seen once (hopefully going again this weekend) so a second viewing may change me.
I don't think most people were expecting to see TL again in that manner.

I am excited to see it again for many reasons but also to confirm the TL figure in the last scene. It goes so fast that I need to look for it.
I remember a figure dashing off and then Jane's brother going to look for him when Jane realized who it was.

I think the film makers did an amazing job for us to all feel sympathetic to Wisley. That scene is powerful for so many reasons, I know I am sympathetic to Wisely and his yearning for the same type of love that Jane is longing for.

Ooh its time for another viewing!

Icha said...

I know... am also a bit surprised with the popularity of Jane/Weasley conversation. I admit that I am getting softer on him, particularly after he left his aunt Lady Gresham like that.

And yeah, the meeting in the woods also surprised me. I didn't expect it that way either.

Tell me dear friend, since you have read all or most info on Jane/Tom here, did it give you some 'baggage' to see Becoming Jane, and said 'this is not right, it should be that' in the back of your mind? Or were you able to enjoy the movie as it was?

For I was lucky enough to come to BJ viewing without sufficient info on Jane (!), let alone Jane and Tom. Hence, I saw it as it was: a movie with some dose of historical facts in it, and I immensely enjoyed it.

Ooohh... let me know what you think after your next viewing!

Anonymous said...

I like how you call him "weasley" hehe. I couldn't help but think of the Weasley's whenever they said his name during the film. lol.

My favorite scene has to be the dance when Tom appears. However, it's not really a scene, more of a moment.... hmmm?

Icha said...

Bummer! I knew that I made a mistake somewhere but could not point out where. LOL! I knew he was Wisley, but I mis-typed his name :-D

And now I cannot change it, for it's already voted. Silly me... :-P Thanks, though, Amanda. Yeah, I also wanted to put more detailed stuffs like what you said, when Tom appeared 'out of nowhere'... definitely my fave. But I also have so many other fave scenes, the list will be too long if I follow my heart's desires! :-D

Rachel said...

Oh Icha, I didnt even notice the 'Weasley' mistake either! Too much Harry Potter I reckon!
I am glad this vote is finally up, it is great for the fans to be able to express our favourite parts of the film and it also makes me very very excited to watch the film again!

Icha said...

Yup! I also mixed Harry Potter's Weasley with BJ Wisley! LOL!

Obviously, I am also surprised to see Wisley 'beats' Cassandra in the poll. I thought Cass mourning Tom Fowle will be the most touching 'other scenes'. But we still have 74 days to go, so who knows? ;-)