Saturday, 11 August 2007

Anne Hathaway interviews with CBS &c

I am excessively fond of this CBS interview here with Anne Hathaway, for Hannah Storm and Anne talked of Jane Austen a lot (although Get Smart was also mentioned). Click here for the YouTube link.

In the interview, Anne also said that Becoming Jane referred to all Jane Austen's novels, not only Pride & Prejudice and its Mr. Darcy, and Hannah thought of it as a good thing. Anne suggested that it is not fair to say that Jane Austen needed Tom Lefroy to inspire her writing. Anne also questioned whether it was the experience, or the imagination that made Jane Austen a great writer (I understood that this was where Anne might get the initial 'clash' with James McAvoy). Though I personally think that Jane did combine experience and lots and lots of imagination, I still respect Anne's opinion here, and I hope the puritan Janeites will see her interview, so they don't attack her that much... sometimes.

The second interview was longer, I took the second part only, but I love it when Anne said that she did the Get Smart audition just because she wanted to see Steve Carrell. She's so funny!

The gorgeous thing? The BJ clip is the kissing by the pond! Eeeeeeeeekkkk! ^_^

The hilarious thing? Anne said that Jane Austen kissing was an extremely unaccepted behaviour at that time, and she did that anyway. Then Anne said, by now the Janeites would type furiously in their blogs, saying 'Can you believe she said that?!' LOL!

The very very funny thing? Conan (?) the interviewer tried to write his diary (Dear Diary) saying that he was talking to Anne Hathaway that was positively in love with him! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, thanks for the recommendation, Icha! I have watched clip two and laughed myself silly, esp at 5:15 - 25.

Interviewer, high-pitched British accent: "'That would NEEEEVER happen, NEEEVER in a meeellion years...' *rolls eyes* Now they hate me MORE than you."

That is the BEST way to end the week!

Rachel said...

The first interview: LOVE the end where she is dying to speak and adds that the film did not just use Tom Lefroy as a potential Darcy figure but that Becoming Jane highlighted the 'possible' influence of her life on ALL of her novels. Good for you Anne.
The second interview: completely agree with you Icha, what a scene to choose to show?! One of the most emotional of the film.
Thats an interesting thought.....which scene does everyone believe to be the most emotionally raw??

Icha said...

The second dance, of course. And the kiss by the pond. And the library scene. And when Tom asked Jane whether she was okay, after Jane read the letter. And the last reading.

Uh, that's a lot... :-D

Anonymous said...

"after Jane read the letter..." ? I'm wracking my brain - what letter? I agree with all your moments! #1 and #3 are my fav. moments from the film + the ending.

My most "emotionally raw" moments would have to be when they want each other so badly, but cannot have each other, or misunderstanding stands in the way. Scenes? The final meeting in the woods (George to Jane: 'Do you love him?' -McAvoy is amazing here) and the letter/Uncle/farewell scene. Actually, I've got to add to that: the final reading. That is so raw. :)

Icha said...

Letter from Tom's mother, dearest... ^_^

Yeah, love that scene with George!

Enjoy your holiday, mate!

Kidsis said...

The Conan interview was great! Thanks for posting it!

My favorite moment is the last scene in the woods when he kisses her.

Anyone know where I can buy a BJ poster?

Anonymous said...

head/desk. I knew I was forgetting something!

kid sis, eBay is the place to be for BJ posters. Good luck! I paid a small fortune for mine, but I bought it well before the US release. You should be able to get a good deal, and they should start appearing on poster sites such as allposters, if they're not there already. ;)