Wednesday, 8 August 2007

'Becoming Jane': 'If I could only dream this world away' by Josie

I cannot thank Josie enough for making this Becoming Jane music video for me... for she did not only combine the US and UK trailers, but also Andrew Lloyd Webber's song (If I could only dream this world away) performed by Anne Hathaway during the 'Woman in White' musical at the Sydmonton Workshop, in County Hampshire (10 miles northwest of Basingstoke!), U.K. in 2003 (According to, the very first performance of the WiW musical was actually the Sydmonton one). Also special thanks to Jiujiu85 for the lovely track she sent me before and thanks to dear Rachel for informing me.

Enjoy, and do click this YouTube link to rate Josie's music video ! I gave her 5 stars already, and it's in my fave box now! If you want to see the first music video that use this song in Phantom of the Opera, click this one. It's made by Jiujiu85, from whom I obtained the music ^_^ (I also gave her 5 stars!).


Rachel said...

I know I have already stated my opinion of this on the imdb message board but it is just wonderful. Thanks so much Josie.

Anonymous said...

This video is wonderful! Thanks so much! And I agree Anne REALLY should have sang in Becoming Jane.

Icha said...


But... then some folks will definitely comment with 'Jane Austen did not sing that way!' ;-)

Who cares... I love Anne's voice, and I would love her to sing in BJ... Alas, it did not happen.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys :) (Espesh Icha for always being my great PR agent lol) I thought i had left a comment but obviously not, so here it is.

Btw Icha I've tried sending the vids to you but it keep bumming out, the files are too big! So sorry, if i can get them to you i'll let you know asap.

Lv Josie

Unknown said...

Please-oh-please, is there any way that I can find a good quality recording of Hathaway's version of this? Just the audio track itself? I'd love to learn her rendition specifically. It has such character! If someone could send it to me, I'd be so grateful.

Thank you in advance! You can e-mail me at -at- gmail.

Icha said...

Lachesis, I sent you an email yesterday to confirm your address before I send you the file. Is it truly or is it Thanks!