Thursday, 30 August 2007

More and more BJ videos

Sorry for my silent today. While waiting for Rachel's results in Ireland, Michelle and I bombarded each other with our findings on Mansfield Park (amazing book, lovely, capital piece of literature!). Hope to post an article on MP and JA/TL by Saturday. Meanwhile, allow me to welcome our second Associate Researcher/Observer: Kari. Soon, she will be doing her own sleuthing in the Netherland... :-D And hopefully we will have a many happy returns!

Also several music videos: here's Please Remember from Elee1286. Love the song!

Also, the Corrs's Runaway is used in this music video by Brightheavens. Gosh, I SO love that song, it's one of my fave, and it suits the movie so much!

Nickelback's Far Away is used in this music video by Pinkstar066.

The last one for this session is Meglovesvb's video, using Avril Lavigne's When You're Gone.



Unknown said...

is there any word about the music from the trailer?

Icha said...

Spencer, sorry for the lack of music news. We have Michelle now on the board, she's a musician, and I have asked her to take care of the music and soundtrack matters.

In fact, she has got the DVD! (arrrghhh!). Hopefully, her musical research will be fruitful soon. The US website manager did not answer to my email re: soundtrack, perhaps they were busy with stuffs.