Sunday, 26 August 2007

Another BJ music video and sequel to 'If I Loved You Less'

Dear friends,

Big hugs for Rachel for her beta, here's chapter 2 of If I Loved You Less, where Tom found out about Jane Austen's death. Please read and review, and thanks a lot!

Also, thanks to Kari and Josie for the tips, there is another Becoming Jane music video in YouTube, this time from Kelseylynn00, with 'Who Knew' as the background music.

I especially love sliding the bannister scenes, also many other scenes like Jane walking down the stairs in Lady Gresham's manor while Tom was watching her... and Tom's painful expressions as Jane left her (she was not deprived of suffering, either). Ooohh... l'amour!

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Anonymous said...

Very excited to read the next chapter, but I'm going to wait until the morning so I have something to look forward to while I'm sitting at work! :) Can't wait! :)