Sunday, 26 August 2007

More BJ music videos

The YouTube is flooded with Becoming Jane music videos now, so I might not be able to post all the links here due to time restriction :-(

But I love this one I found by SilverPetticoat, with 'Once Upon a December' (Anastasia) as the background song. Title of the song truly suited the story of Jane and Tom, who met for the first time in Christmas 1795.

The other one is by Darkangelcaz with Dido's Don't Leave Home.

There is another one I found that used the same Who Knew song with the previous one by Kelseylynn, but I lost the link (found it as I watched in the blog, not in YouTube). Will post it as I find the link.


Anonymous said...

The "Who Knew" video by kelseylynn is one of my absolute favorites... I adore it! The others are all very good, too, though.

And here's the link to the other "Who Knew" video (hope it works!):

I also just found this one this morning... to the song "Incomplete," with some audio clips incorporated and some different scenes:

They're all quite good and I love looking for new ones :)

Michelle said...

Hey Icha!

I have a suggestion - maybe helpful, maybe not. ;p

If YouTube is flooding now, it's going to be insane when the DVD is out. Kari & the girls are doing an excellent job sending the links your way - maybe you could do a "Weekly Roundup" of the best vids, and post them in one blog, for sanity's sake?!

Icha said...

Thank you, Ladies! Meg, I will use the info from you shortly, no worries. I just need to work on my real world things beforehand.

Michelle, that's a genial suggestion. After this, I will pull it into weekly round up of YouTube music videos, unless I have more time.

Gracias, Senoritas!

Anonymous said...

OMG, "Once upon a december" is one of my favorite songs (possibly because I have an obsession with Anastasia?).

:) I loved that music video, SINCERELY! brillant work.