Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Anne and James talking about dancing

Okay Kari, you win :-D

Thanks for the tip, here's a YouTube video of Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy talking about dancing in the 18th century. I've seen the interview with Anne before in Film 2006, but I have not seen James talking about the dance. And oh my God... his accent is soooo sexy!

Enjoy, Ladies and Gents!


Michelle said...

Thanks Kari, Icha! Lovely, lovely. (In manner of Miss Bates.)

What can beat that careless Scottish accent? So lovely. Didn't notice anything else, of course!

(Well ... maybe the gorgeous tousled hair, but that was quickly forgotten as subject in question is a very married man...)


Icha said...

Very obliging, very obliging! (think Miss Bates)

Capital, capital! (think Lizzy Bennet)

Hey Michelle, how was the lunar eclipse? I missed some parts because I obligingly wrote the PP Jane Bennet article for you there. Hope you like it!

Oh, and James' tousled hair in BJ was the best hair he had ever donned so far! He's just soooo sexy there!

Worst hair: Mr. Tumnus. But then his goatee was cute, and his eyes... ^_^

Michelle said...

...Icha missed part of her lunar eclipse and it was all in pursuit of Jane and Tom, and under ---'s orders ...

Well, almost. ;p It is too late here to think coherently.

Your new article is wonderful! I will comment over there. :)

As for the lunar eclipse - it is so cloudy over here (heavy rain) that we probably saw as much of it as you did! And in between checking the clouds MP was being snatched in morsels.

Sigh, yes ... that hair.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, James' hair in BJ is quite, quite fabulous, as is that accent... he is unbelievably charismatic! I have to give the "worst hair" award to "Starter for 10," though, which I just got through netflix today -- and watched as soon as I got home! He's still gorgeous, but I much, much prefer him in the fabulous "Becoming Jane" :)

I'm always checking, thanks for all the great info! :)

Icha said...

Meg dear, of course I know you're still here ;-)

The hair... sigh... the best hair of JMA...was definitely Becoming Jane. He's quite becoming there.

Starter for Ten. LOL! That's a very unique movie. I love it.

Oh, I know! JMA's spiky hair in Inside I'm Dancing! Very funky, but did not show his charm. I guess, that was not meant to be...

And ch 3 of If I Loved You Less will come up soon, for dearest Rachel has finished the beta!