Saturday, 16 June 2007

New 'Becoming Jane' music video

Dear BJ lovers,

Josie has made a very nice music video in YouTube.

Thanks a lot Josie for the wonderful take on Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy (It's her first video ever, and it's so lovely!)! I especially like how you put the scenes into the words of 'Everything I do'; especially the kiss, the dance and even Tom's boxing! It's in my favourite list now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Icha! I adore your website. I regularly visit to find all new things Becoming Jane related. Now that the rest of the world will be soon seeing it, I'm sure there will be many more things coming out. Especially BJ ebay things from America. :)

Icha said...

Thanks... I presume you're Josie? Well, I bet August to October will be the busiest months for Rachel and I, for many fans would like more updates and articles about 'Becoming Jane' and Jane Austen. We don't mind at all... especially if the business is extended into the Golden Globe and Oscar seasons! :-D

Anonymous said...

Lol sorry I forgot to sign my name, yes I'm Josie :) And oh yes I do hope that BJ gets some Globes and Oscars! It deserves it! (Even though it means we must wait for the dvd *sigh* :)