Saturday, 23 June 2007

Anne Hathaway singing!

Well, this is not BJ-related, as in this clip is from the Phantom of the Opera, but with the soundtrack from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Woman in White. BUT, the singer was Anne Hathaway (!). Apparently, Anne once played as Laura Fairlie in the Woman in White musical in Sydmonton Festival in 2003. What an accomplished actress she is, eh?

Oh, by the way, apparently Anne also auditioned for the part of Christine Daae in the 2004 Phantom of the Opera. She almost got the role, but conflicted with her schedule for 'Princess Diary II: Royal Engagement'. A pity that she didn't get this Phantom...

The song also made me wish that we have another Becoming Jane music video with If I could only dream this world away as the soundtrack. So, appealing to any YouTubers, hopefully we'll be treated with another BJ video with Anne's angelic voice. Why oh why she did not sing in Becoming Jane, we might not know the answer...

Thanks to Annefleur for her article, thus I learned of this wonderful YouTube video. The video was made by Jiujiu85, and I thank her to introduce me to the beautiful song as well. A pity that the song is not readily available in CDs though. The original If I could only dream this world away in Woman in White CD was not sung by Anne Hathaway.

Update 26 June 2007:
Jiujiu85 has provided me the song and Josie will make a new BJ music video with Anne Hathaway's If I could only dream this world away. I almost can't wait! Thanks a lot Jiujiu and Josie!

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