Sunday, 17 June 2007

Interview with Director, Producer and Star.

I am always interested in reading interviews of the people responsible for making the film and this one stood out for me.

It is an interview with Julian Jarrold (films director), Robert Bernstein (films producer) and James McAvoy (Tom Lefroy....of course!)

I just wanted to share it with everyone as it gives alot of insight into the making of the film and the ideas behind it.

I think from reading this blog it is clear that Icha and I believe very strongly that there did exist a passionate love story between Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy. James McAvoy makes a statement that I really agree with:

"to understand the human condition you have to have been pained by the human experience."

This is the philosophy that I use when I think of the wonderful love stories that Jane Austen wrote!

The link for the article is here:

I hope you enjoy.

Pic: Sketch of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy from austen effusions by Jane Odiwe.


Icha said...

Thanks Rachel for the wonderful article and link. It's nice to learn that even Julian Jarrold and James McAvoy considered Anne Hathaway as 'a real Austenite' who 'puts us all to shame' for her knowledge on Austen. That's the prerequisite of an Austenian actor/actress, I should say: passions towards Jane Austen herself!

Rachel said...

Thats exactly what I think Icha. I think that it gives alot more validity to Anne playing Jane to know that she had a knowledge and an 'understanding' which directed her portrayal of Jane. I think that this is important for every actor playing a real character