Saturday, 16 June 2007

Becoming Jane in Denmark, June 15 2007

I just received news from the IMDB that Becoming Jane was released yesterday, June 15 2007, in Denmark. No news yet from Canada, that might mean that the release in Canada will be the same as the U.S. release.

Denmark viewers, please leave some notes...?


Unknown said...

I saw the movie yesterday, and loved it from the very first minute. Since it still hasn´t been released in the US you should all come to Denmark, and then I´ll invite you all to go to the movies with me....LOL.

Sigrid /Sigrutten
Copenhagen, Denmark

Icha said...

LOL! Thanks a lot, Sigrid! And even you dropped the comment in Danish as you did in IMDB :-D I still got that you loved Becoming Jane!

Anonymous said...

Canada Release is August 3rd. Saw a poster for it at the movie theatre last night (I'm in Canada).

Icha said...

Thank you very much, Lilith :-) Truly appreciate it.

I shall notify the audience, also revise the Becoming Jane in Wikipedia.