Monday, 12 November 2007

The People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards is an annual show which recognises achievements in popular culture. It has been held for over 30 years and allows the general public to have their say.

We have been informed (thank you Sk Barn) that Becoming Jane is up for Favourite Independent Movie which is such an achievement and we are very happy. The competition for the award is Sicko (Michael Moore's latest work) and A Mighty Heart (starring Angelina Jolie).

If you would like to help Becoming Jane win this award,


Thank you!

Pic: Anne Hathaway


Icha said...

Thanks Rachel and Barn, I've casted my vote for Becoming Jane. A bit complicated process, for you must register first. They rejected my Australian ZIP code (only 4 digits), hence I entered my Indonesian ZIP code :-D

Dunno how to see the result, though. Are they gonna inform us?

For other ladies, whatareyouwaitingfor? Let's vote for Jane!

mamma jakeline said...

Now I have voted for Jane, of course! ;)

Rachel said...

Bizarre Icha, I did not have to regster. I think that they will air it at some point. I will keep checking online for more information.
Keep voting everyone!

Unknown said...

An interesting site that I found by chance whilst trying to find out how the redevelopment of Carriglas is going.

Where did you get the "Lefroy Coat of Arms" from? It differs from the one that is featured in the family book and looks as though it is the result of a combination of several differing coats of arms with only two eighths showing the trellis against green, wyverns rampant etc.

I note, however, that you state this one as being the coat of arms "From Ireland to Western Australia". Does this mean that they have bastardised the original over the years such that it now differs for those branches of the family?

Just curious as to where you got it from?

Icha said...

Hi The Boy Lefroy! Nice to see you. Are you one of the Lefroy descendants? Seemingly you are. Hence, many thanks for contacting us. We have been in touch with Edward Lefroy as well (one of the sons of Jeffry Lefroy, the last care taker of Carrigglas), are you closely related to Ed?

Anyway, I should really thank you for noting that the Lefroy crest on the Cranfield Book is different from the version in the old Carrigglas website.

Silly old me missed that the lion was NOT in the coloured Carrigglas version. Hence, now I change the crest to the coloured one.

Having said that, it might mean that the Australian branches of the Lefroys have... altered the crest to accommodate the lion. Unfortunately, I do not have the contact with the original descendants of Anthony and Edward de Courcy Lefroys... hence I could not track what happened to the coat. I could do that though, but my schedule at the moment does not allow me to.

Thanks anyway, and do keep in touch, and provide us with a better ID if possible? You can email me at if you wish.

Icha said...

Oh, and I scanned the lion version from Cranfield's book (From Ireland to WA). I could send you the scanned page for evidence if you wish.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have to register on ther US site - FYI.
Sorry they got you Icha! ; )