Thursday, 8 November 2007

Pictures of Carrigglas Manor

Sorry for the slow update... I'm already in the midst of my field work, hence the posts will be patchy, unless my Team Jane sisters have some spare time to write an article or two... so bear with us. Anyway, these are some wonderful pictures of the Carrigglas Manor, provided by Edward Lefroy himself. Becoming Jane Fansite is greatly indebted to Edward, so please dear friends, if you want to use these pictures, please please please provide appropriate reference to Edward Lefroy and Becoming Jane Fansite.

Driving to the Manor and the Manor's silhouette. Lovely, eh?

The lovely drawing room and the grand dining room. I personally love the yellow colour of the drawing room and the spider-web ceilings of the dining room ^_^

And here's the large Christmas tree inside the Manor and the top yard arch. Splendid! Thank you, Edward!

All pictures are private collections of Edward Lefroy.


mamma jakeline said...

Yep, I have no trouble seeing myself as mistress of that manor. None at all!

I've seen The Jane Austen Book Club btw. I didn't know it was a book! Now I have to read the book! I loved that they said that JA fancied the naughty men! ;)

Michelle said...

That. Blue. Room. Is. Amazing. Seriously, seriously amazing! I love it (yes, I am still sitting here gawping at it)

Thank you so much, Edward!