Monday, 14 January 2008

Watch Persuasion 2007 Online!

A very big thank you to Kari for discovering Persuasion 2007 online, via the Becoming Jane Austen Myspace. (Yahoo!)

(My ISP provider won't let me open the link - weird - so no instructions on reaching the clip, but I assume it's good to go)

Pic: Persuasion 2007 from: Manchester Evening News


mamma jakeline said...

Oh it is marvelous! I loved it! My darling is wondering why I have a silly smile on my face now... ;)

As to the clip you have to download a software to see the whole movie. Free of charge of course. Very high quality I might add so it is worth it.

/ love from Maria in Sweden.

Mimi said...

In Persuasion they spend a lot of time in Bath in the Pump room (NOrthanger Abbey as well).
Here's a cool website about the Pump room: