Saturday, 12 January 2008

Miss Williams Regrets

... Well, not technically ;), but she did have some concerns:

She admits the plate-spinning of balancing work and parenting did send her "a little bit crazy" in the summer, when she was working on a forthcoming BBC film called Miss Austen Regrets. In an interview last year, Williams criticised the "lazily colloquial" script. But, as with so much else in her life, the finished film proved to be "different from what I envisaged, which is wonderful. It's much more intangible than your average biopic, the choice of shots gives it a very European feel. It showed me how much I still have to learn."

I love European films, so my interest is sparked! Continue reading Olivia's interview here. It's a great read.

Miss Austen regrets didn't air in the UK sometime in December (will keep my eyes peeled for a screening date) and on February 3 in the USA.

Pic: Olivia Williams as Jane Austen from: BBC


Anonymous said...

PBS has just added on their side video clips from all six Jane Austen’s adaptations including “Miss Austen Regrets”. Perhaps PBS might upload the clips on YouTube too. Here are two links:
Link to the first clip from the movie “Miss Austen Regrets”:
Best Regards!

Anonymous said...

The link to “Miss Austen Regrets” is:
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Michelle said...

Thank you so much, Boris!!