Saturday, 12 January 2008

Mr Wisley & Fanny Price Tie the Knot

I am an avid reader of the Dailymail (shoot me now) and why I never thought of posting this news sooner I'll never know.

Laurence Fox (Becoming Jane) and Billie Piper (Mansfield Park 2007) tied the knot in a romantic, quintessential English wedding on New Year's Eve. Congratulations to the happy couple! They look so lovely together.

Read the full article with pictures here. :-)

Pic: Billie Piper & Laurence Fox from: The Dailymail


Mimi said...

I also saw that Joe Wright (director of P&P) and Rosamund Pike (Jane Bennet) are engaged.
I liked Wisley. Conrgats!

Icha said...

Hey, I LOVE Wisley! Dont get me wrong, I think Jane still should be with Tom. But Wisley was a good person in his own right.

Why, congratulations! (also to Joe and Rosamund!).

Rachel said...

While we are on this congratulations line- congrats to Joe Wright (director of P+P) for Atonement winning best film at the Golden Globes last night and of course starring James McAvoy (our very own Tom Lefroy)

Icha said...

Indeed!!! Kudos! Atonement won two Golden Globe awards, one for the Best Picture, and also for the Best Original Score. I really envy you guys who have seen it, I can only see it in the DVD... (unless I can get a 90inch TV or something...).