Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A lovely Jane/Tom YouTube from Mariana!

Dear friends, I hope you have/had enjoyable and peaceful Christmas. Our dear friend Mariana sent post before Christmas, but I'm sorry that I haven't got time to post it until now. 

Jane Austen ~ Once Upon a Christmas

This is what she said:

Hello dear friends, I'm sending a little video I've created to celebrate Jane/Tom youthful love, which is dedicated to you as a thank you for your kindness and support received during the last 4 years for my exceedingly enthusiastic theses. Also, to send my "Kind love & good wishes for a happy New Year to you all".
Thank you so much, Mariana! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


mamma jakeline said...

Dearest ladies! How long it has been since I visited you last! I'm sorry!
First: Thank you Mariana for that lovely vid! Reminds me that it is time to make some more myself... ;)

Second: I have indulged myself in work, writing (I've started 5 books of my own! not sure if or when I'm gonna finish but their there anyhoo), taming two rascals and totally and utterly loving Mr Morey from BBCs The Paradise. A must see if you haven't.

Third: we've decided to move from Stockholm to the more northern part where my hubbs is from. We've bought a little house, or duplex or what you might call it in English. It's a 2 floor apartment that is in a row with two other apartments/houses.

Fourth: I will be back with more wallpapers and header and fb-coverpics! Promise. Life's just a bit hectic at the moment. And I will try to indulge myself in a bit of fandom-making soon. I'm currently finishing my PP-story up. Yey!

Fifth: Happy Holidays! May your days be merry and bright!

Hugs and kisses from Maria in Sweden!

Icha said...

Hiya Mamma Jakeline! I hope all is well with you and the family. How is Eomer doing?

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and promising 2013. I hope we all do.

hugs and love,

mamma jakeline said...

Icha, Eomer is doing fine, he turns 4 on Saturday and we bought him his first Lord of the Rings Lego, only because it has the little figurine of Eomer from Rohan in it! hihi. I hope he likes it. ;)

Aylinn says hi too. I'm wondering if it's time to introduce her to the wonderful world of Austen... ;) I hope she takes after me. ;)

Lots of love and well wishes from Sweden! / Maria

Mariana said...

Many thanks and hugs. I hope your holidays are bright, happy and will continue to bring all that you wish for 2013.

We’ve finally got some snow just in time to make our Christmas white and more jolly with some ski day trips planned for this weekend.

Has any of you visited Middle-earth this December? Me and my Halfling been 'there and back again' twice and (un)expectedly enjoyed The Hobbit (& The Thorin ;) very much in HFR 3D.

Icha said...

AH, just as I finished buying the Hobbit ticket online! My partner and I are scheduled for the 8:30pm journey to the Middle Earth.

Will let you know what I think of the Hobbit and our dearest Armitage later or tomorrow!

Rachel said...

Icha, you will love Richard Armitage in The Hobbit, he is fantastic as Thorin! X

mamma jakeline said...

(hmm where did my last comment go?)

Eomer is great, he's just turned 4 (on Saturday 29th) and he's so much fun to be around right now. He's suddenly so "big" and "old". His little sister is starting to speak and is such a little rascal! More so than her brother at the same age! ;)

oh yes, me and hubs went to see The Hobbit on Sunday. Very, very good! And RA as Thorin was hearthrobbing. ;) Just as Lee Pace as Thranduil.

On a side note, has anyone seen The Paradise (or read Zola's novel for that matter)?

hugs and kisses!

Icha said...

Hi Maria! Sorry for the 'missing comment'. We have decided to moderate the comments to prevent spams (Believe me, there are LOTS of them!). But during the holiday, I wasn't as vigilant as I should be on the moderation side, so yours were neglected a bit.

Glad that Eomer is doing fine.

LOVE RA as Thorin! Also love the other dwarf, the cute one with dark long hair. Sad Legolas isn't here yet, but perhaps on 2nd movie?

Not yet read any Zola stuff. Are they good?

mamma jakeline said...

Icha, ah okay, that's no probs. ;)

yes Kili! So cute! ;)

Zola's novel is called "The Ladies Paradise" and is set in 1880s or 90s Paris. I did like the novel, but the tv-series is even better. Much because of Emun Elliot as seductive storeowner mr Moray. :) I made a little fanvideo, if anyone should be intrested: (spoiler alert tho).

So I will be back with a BJ-one soon, k? ;) I'm just gonna find the perfect music.

XOXO Maria