Saturday, 20 October 2007

Team Jane regrouping!

Before regular readers (if any of you still have time to visit this currently-rather-dormant website) think that we have abandoned the cult of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy :-D let me assure you that we have just been extra busy with our real worlds... but our hearts remain here.

And now, I am very glad to report that Rachel and Michelle have returned to their respective countries, and after tying up loose ends there, will be contributing to some articles soon. Kari had a very successful mission in the Netherland, and I hope she has time to write 2-3 paragraphs of her adventure there, also her very exciting meeting with Veronica Nahmias, daughter of Nadia Radovici. Linda is still busy with her schedules, but she has coordinated some magnificent detective works, and Rachel (despite her tight schedules) has made productive phone calls that all will lead to the re-printing of Radovici's book. Fingers crossed... and let's keep the faith, so that hope remains and will turn to real actions.

As for me, despite of my schedules in Indonesia, I will still monitor our efforts with regards to Radovici's A Youthful Love. And herewith I encourage you all to bug your friends and sign our Radovici Petition. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to have as many signatures as we can have... but I believe, firmly believe, that our goal is nigh. And I believe that Nadia and Jane are helping us too, spiritually.

Pic: Two sisters dancing by Bovi, from Republic of Pemberley


mamma jakeline said...

Hi! It is Maria from Sweden again! Found an article in todays paper about Jane Austen, since they are having this novel-drive so to speak. To day's novel is Pride and Prejudice. And guess what?! Our beloved Tom Lefroy is mentioned! Do you want me to translate the article for you? it is found here

Love, Maria L from Sweden.

Icha said...

Wow, Maria! Can you do that? I'm a bit busy, but if you can give me the translation, I will surely have time to post it here, acknowledging you, of course!

Thanks a heap in advance!