Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Results of our 'Favourite Scenes' Poll

As most of you voted, you will know that we made a poll for the favourite scenes from Becoming Jane (scroll down to see the options on the left hand bar). The scenes were split into: ‘Jane and Tom’ and ‘Other’ favourite scenes.
The poll closed yesterday and so we can reveal the rather predictable results.

Jane and Tom scenes

With 54% of the votes, the Ballroom scene was voted favourite. I don’t think that anyone can forget the passion and emotion evoked from that dance. And the music… perfect. To watch it again, don’t forget to see the Husbands and Lovers clip.

With 42% of the votes (a close second place) was the scene where Tom and Jane meet in the woods after Jane has just learned of Tom’s engagement to Mary Paul. The way her brother George protects her and that kiss! I love this scene!

The kiss by the pond at Lady Gresham’s manor captured 38% of the votes. It is their first kiss and the way she asks if she did it well because she wanted to do it well just once….I think that is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

I have to mention the forth place just because I think that it is my favourite scene. 30% of votes chose the Library scene with the witty banter and introduction of Tom Jones by Henry Fielding to Jane (to be disputed by some Janeites!).

Other favourite scenes

It is quite clear what the favourite scene is for this section; with 41% of the votes, the scene where Jane and Wisley have that discussion after the elopement. I think that this highlights how many of the viewers really liked Wisley and was perhaps disappointed that something did not happen between him and Jane. I liked him but I have to agree with Jane’s father, he was somewhat of a booby in comparison to Tom!

The other scene to get many votes (25%) was when we see Jane walking down the beach with her sister Cassandra at her Brother Edward’s residence in Kent. I love all of the scenes with Jane and Cassandra and I think that this one in particular is very special.


mamma jakeline said...

Hi lassies!
You know what, I've told my darling that I want to be kissed like Tom kisses Jane in the forest. That is one serious kiss.

Thanks for the heads up on new reading. I know what I want for christmas!
/Maria from Sweden

Icha said...

The KISS at the forest was yummy! But I had thought that the dancing scene would be our favourite, but the tally with the scene in the woods is pretty surprising. Rachel has picked the right scene here where Jane confronted poor Tom (sob!)... and I really think Anne did a brilliant job to show a broken heart, and James' suffering was very palpable.

Well done Rachel for the speedy update! You've been a busy bee! Thanks darling!

Icha said...

Oh, and yes, I agree that the library scene, though not #1, is also one of my fave... Just Amazing the banter was!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the scene on the beach (as is the problem with so many scenes in this movie) is that it could not have happened, as Godmersham is nowhere near the sea.

mamma jakeline said...

Re the library scene... just the way he says "Your horizons must be... widened." OMG! Ah well, I just love the movie, period! ;-)

Ah it has been snowing here in Sweden! :)

/ love Maria from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Just curious, does anyone know the instrumental music that plays on the US official movie website? I don't mean the trailer with the Dido song "Don't Leave Home." I'm dying to have this instrumental song and can't find it. Does anyone have any info on this?