Tuesday, 4 September 2007

New Picture Gallery

Thanks to Anima for the tips about the lovely Czech site of Becoming Jane, these are more pictures of Becoming Jane that I haven't seen on the web before. All pictures are taken from the Tiscali website. Such lovely pictures... triggering such emotions in this cloudy day... not unlike a day in Steventon.... aahhh!

First, the rascal Tom, ahem, James McAvoy (bare chested! Oh God!)... woooow...

I love this... Tom and Uncle Ben, and Tom's painful expression as he watched Jane leaving (is this outside the tavern?).

This one, Jane's contemplating on Tom's letter while holding his jacket (must have smelled good, Tom's fragrance!) and her sorrowful look as she returned home without him.

This one, Cassandra saying, 'What did she want to say?' LOL!

And the lovely Steventon Rectory... I forgot which scene was this one. Lovely creeping plants over there! And a lovely barouche as well. Most obliging!

Last but not least, Jane approaching Tom for a kiss (she kissed him first!) and Tom with Anne and Lucy Lefroy. There are some more pictures in the Tiscali site, but I have used the others in this blog beforehand. Anyway, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I´m glad I could participate:)Of course,I love this film too.I am from Slovakia (if you don´t know- central Europe)and imagine that "Becoming Jane" hasn´t been screened in my country yet...so it isn´t possible to get it on DVD:((
But I had been downloading it last week(for 4 days!!),and I have it now and I´m enjoying it;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! What lovely images ... aah. : )
Anima - please do go see it in the theater too if you can. Its a wonderful movie to experience with others.
; )

Icha - the photo of Tom in the green suit (so handsome!) is from outside the tavern. We never get a very good, long shot of this clearly as we see Tom as Jane rides away so this image really shows the emotion. : )

Rachel said...

What a treat as I am getting very very impatient waiting for the DVD.
I love the one of Jane holding the coat (pure emotion!) and the one of Tom watching Jane leave in the carriage.
Thanks Anima...and of course Icha

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have another tip four you - the various posters on web site:http://www.csfd.cz/film/227532-becoming-jane/# You can find them under the main poster,just click on the link...There are also some reviews (if you understand czech)but not very positive(maybe because the writers were all men:o)
So,take a look there:)

Icha said...

Thanks again Anima and other ladies! Anima, I've put all the posters scattering around the blog, but thank you nonetheless for the link ;-)

Also, Rachel dear, I hope you enjoy the latest clips I've posted with the help of Kari's tips. I drool for the DVD now!