Tuesday, 11 September 2007

More 'Becoming Jane' clips!

OMG OMG OMG! My dearest friends, my sincere apology for leaving you without a new post for two days! I have been engaged with my real life... but thank the Force, I lurked into the YouTube just now, and found out that Willow09 has posted more BJ clips! So, here they are, and thanks a lot, Willow! So far, here's clips 7 to 13.

Oh, and my Blockbuster will have Becoming Jane DVD tomorrow, so I will be off early tomorrow evening for a very sacred ritual in front of the TV! My own DVD copy is winging its way across the sea from London now... hopefully will arrive soon. HMV is extremely reliable!

Clip 7: Tom Lefroy and Jane Austen started the elopement; Jane found the letter; tavern scene....Sigh...

Clip 8: the last reading. Jane Austen, meet Jane Lefroy.

Clip 9: Willow returned to the Selbourne Wood scene. Love their first banter!

Clip 10: the first reading, Tom's abrupt entrance... cute!

Clip 11: Discussing Tom Jones. All sorts of trouble!

Clip 12: the Laverton boxing scene. Ouch!

Clip 13: Jane and Tom's conversation after Judge Langlois' wrath in London. Sob-sob! Goodbye, Mr. Lefroy!

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