Thursday, 27 September 2007

Anyone missing James McAvoy's Glaswegian accent?

Cos it is very likely that you, like me, will go: 'Aaaarrrrggggggghhhhh!!! Jaaaames!!!' when you see this clip about manners during the Regency period:

And how the cricket was actually not popular in Ireland and Scotland, despite being a favourite sport in UK:

Also, Willow has posted the Becoming Jane cricket scene in YouTube.

Thank you Artisan News Service and Willow for the YouTube videos! By the way, James is bulkier, eh? Must be that 'Wanted' movie! And James is sooo cute and funny in both interview sessions!


Sandra said...

Have you girls seen this video yet? Here's the link

So cute! ^^

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love him -- and that accent! Whyyyy won't the DVD release in the U.S. soon? It's torturous!

Anonymous said...

I absolutly adore James McAvoy and of course, Becoming Jane, as the Austen-fan I am. Thank you for an excellent site and thank god I'm not alone in my obsession with this movie... I am eagerly awaiting the DVD release here in Sweden. It has just hit the movies over here...

/love from Maria in Sweden

Icha said...

Sandra, thanks a lot for the link. I think I've put the link before in the Interview section:

Meg and others, lemme know if Amazon already gives the release date for BJ DVD in the US? I'm back in Indonesia now for field work, and might not be checking references as often as I was.

Maria dear, thanks a lot for the input. Can you give us more news about the Sweden release? I'll be very glad to put it here as a post on its own if it's long enough (as in a few paragraphs).

Sarah said...

Gosh, I love him and his accent. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hi again! :)
well, I tried to find out when the dvd is coming out in Sweden, but it seems I have to wait until late December at the earliest or next year! ah the horror! I left my email so they will send me a mail when I can book it. Thank god for youtube! ;)

Btw... I am currently seriously thinking of writing a fan fic. Can't get jane and tom out of my head.

/ love Maria in Sweden

Icha said...

Sarah, I know... (dreamy sigh) Glaswegian accent is SOOO sexy! Particularly coming out of a certain James McAvoy!

Maria dear, once you write your fanfic, pls drop an email or comment here so that I can inform it to others? You can use for publishing, that's what I do with mine. I know I still owe you guys the rest of the fanfics... and I have not forgotten it! :-D

Life is just... well, a bit on the way... in a very good way ;-)

Anonymous said...

icha: If I get something down on paper and decide it's good enough to share with the world I will tell you! :)

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't mind listening to james mcavoy all day.
and regarding the other comments .. i heard the dvd was going to be released here in the US sometime in december.