Tuesday, 29 September 2009

EMMA reminder- for the UK!

Hi all,

For all in the UK (sorry again!), episode 1 of Emma is to be aired this Sunday 4 Oct 2009 at 21:00–22:00 on
BBC One.
There will be four one-hour episodes in total. Emma is being played by Romola Garai and Mr Knightley by Jonny Lee Miller.

For more information visit the BBC website.

I have taken the picture from there as it is so beautiful. I have always liked Romola Garai since her performances in Atonement and Amazing Grace. Fingers crossed she will play Emma right. I read on the train today that she actually studied a degree in English Literature and specialised in Jane Austen!

I am so excited.......
Pic: BBC


bilbo said...

I have liked Romola Garai as well, since I saw her in a little flick called 'I Capture the Castle', as well as 'Vanity Fair'. I have never seen her play an outgoing person like Emma. so this should be interesting. Unfortunately, I don't know when it will be shown in the U.S. I couldn't find any info at PBS or WGBH or via Google.

Icha said...

My dearest Rachel, you HAVE to give your report as soon as you finish watching the first ep on Sunday. Promise, please! We'll be waiting faithfully by the computer for that!

And yeah! I LOVE Romola as well! She was so amazing in Amazing Grace, and so captivating in Atonement.

Mimi said...

impatiently waiting for your review. I still think that Jonny Lee Miller looks too innocent/ boyish, not old enough for sure.

Rachel said...

I am actually going to go down to Devon for a few day at the weekend. I will be within the realms of a tv so I can watch Emma but unfortunately I will be away from a computer until the end of next week so you are going to have to wait until then for my review. Sorry everyone!

Anonymous said...

I wish we could see this in the US as well, so Rachel, as soon as you return from your trip let us know! Also, wasn't Romola Garai in Inside I'm Dancing with James McAvoy as well as Atonement? She was the nurse/care giver when he was living in the appartment I think.
Anyway, will be waiting for the review.
Lis from the US.

Rachel said...

Hi Lis, great to see you on here. Of course she was in Inside I'm Dancing....how could I forget....what a super film! James McAvoy was absolutely amazing in that film wasnt he?! And it was just so sad.

Anonymous said...

i thought that was her. Yes, the movie was very good and James McAvoy was superb. It was a heartbreaking movie, but I really enjoyed it. Cant wait to hear your review on Emma. Post as soon as you can.