Monday, 22 June 2009

Mariana's amazing calendar!

Our dearest Mariana gave a belated but very beautiful and much appreciated birthday gift for Becoming Jane Fansite. A collection of Jane Austen & Tom Lefroy calendar, tailored-suit for December 1795 until November 1798. Very handsome indeed and deserves to be printed out and framed to admire. So thank you so much Mariana, and hope all of you enjoy them as much as I do! All pictures belong to Mariana Gheorghe.

Christmas time December 1795

1 January 1796

2 January 1796

5 January 1796
8 January 1796
9 January 1796
16 January 1796

3 August 1796

October 1796

17 November 1798


Carina Tavares said...

Hum... is a Beautiful, " Legal "


If possible vesite my blog about Claude Monet.


thank very much !

mamma jakeline said...

Oh Mariana! How beautiful a calender!

You know, guys, how I like to manipulate things that arn't my own... Well, I've gotten really into digital scrapping and have tried very hard to make you guys something, like a new header for this site or just a wallpaper for your desktop. Seeing Mariana's work I realise I have to step it up! ;) I will get to work on that right away.

And good news, I have managed to fix the editing software issue, I hope, and hopefully you will see a new video from me in the near future...

Sunny hugs from Maria in Sweden

Icha said...

Hey you know what Maria, a new banner might be the one this site need. Just don't forget to write 'Becoming Jane Fansite' on it, cos otherwise people will find it hard to know what this site is about. Something about the inflexible Blogging properties... sigh...

Wallpapers will be great too! I can always display them permanently at the bottom bar.

Just email me your banner(s) or wallpaper(s) once you're done, honey. Thanks a lot in advance!

Bettina said...

Hola,my friend:I love your blog!!!I´m crazy fans for the movie and all novels to Jane.Here ...the dance...oh,so lovelyyyy!!

Rachel said...

THANK YOU so lovely. And so much work put into it. Its such a privelege that you have shared it with us all.

Bettina, thanks for the reminder...I just watched that 9 min snippet and I now want to watch the whole film. I will NEVER get bored with that scene!

roxana said...

hello Mariana...great calendar ...i love it!!!are from romania...your name...!!!

Icha said...

Hello Roxana, to answer your question, yes, Mariana is from Romania. I will forward her this message so she's aware of your question.

thank you!