Saturday, 19 July 2008

Trivia Quiz ANSWERS

I posted a trivia quiz this time last week. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Here are the answers:

1. Of the following characters, who was fictional and who existed:

o Mrs Ann Radcliffe- REAL
o Mr Wisley- FICTIONAL (but based on the real Mr Bigg-Wither)
o Henry Austen- REAL
o Cousin Eliza de Feuillide- REAL
o Lady Gresham- FICTIONAL
o Benjamin Langlois- REAL

2. Which actor plays the character of Mr Wisley?

Laurence Fox

3. Which year did Mr George Austen (Jane’s father) die?


4. Name Jane’s six novels in the order that they were published.

Sense and Sensibility (1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), Mansfield Park (1814), Emma (1815), Northanger Abbey and Persuasion (both 1817)

5. What was the famous book that Tom gave to Jane in the library and told her to read?

Tom Jones by Henry Fielding

6. At the end of the film when she is reading an extract from one of her novels to the young Jane Lefroy, which novel is the extract from (clue: see post within the last week)?

Pride and Prejudice

7. Whilst at dinner with Tom’s uncle during their visit to London, Eliza describes how her husband was killed. Was he:- Hung- Guillotined- Missing, presumed dead- Drowned- Died of Cholera


8. What colour was the dress that Jane was wearing at the second ball when herself and Tom shared their first kiss?

Pale green

9. When Tom returns to Hampshire after news has broke that he is engaged to someone else, where does Jane learn that Mary, Tom’s new fiancĂ©, is from in Ireland?

County Wexford

10. Which character from a Jane Austen novel is Lady Gresham supposedly modelled upon?

Lady Catherine from Pride and Prejudice

11. Which award did Becoming Jane win at the People’s Choice Awards?

Favourite Independent Movie

12. In the film, who sent the letter to the Judge telling him about Tom’s intentions to marry Jane and consequently ruining their chances of being together?

John Warren (friend of the Austen family)

13. What exactly does Tom say to Jane:- “I love you Jane, with all my heart and soul!”- “I'm yours, Jane, heart and soul!”- “You’re mine, Jane, heart and soul!”- “We are bound Jane, heart and soul!”

“I'm yours, Jane, heart and soul!”

14. When Tom arrives in Hampshire, Jane is reading a speech in celebration of which special event?

The engagement of her sister, Cassandra, to Thomas Fowle

15. What is Jane doing in the opening scene of the film?

Playing the piano

16. What does Jane read which prompts her to change her mind and return home to Steventon after Tom and herself had decided to elope?

A letter from Tom’s family thanking him for the money that he sent them on a regular basis

17. How did Jane communicate with her brother George?

Sign Language

18. What did George Austen (Jane’s father) do for a living?

Rector at Steventon parish

19. What was the name of the wood that Jane met Tom whilst they were both taking a walk?

Selbourne Wood

20. Which of Jane’s novels was influenced most by the work of Mrs Ann Radcliffe?

Northanger Abbey- due to its gothic nature

Pic 1: Jane and Tom

Pic 2: Jane Writing

Pic 3: Tom and Jane dancing

Pic 4: Jane Reading

Pic 5: Tom In Selbourne Wood

Pic 6: In Love


Icha said...

Thank you so much dear Rachel for the quiz. Admittedly, some of them truly brought me back the lovely memories of first viewing BJ. Ahh...the dress, James' eyes and smile... Jane/Anne's sorrow... etc etc etc...

Thanks again for being here!

geraldine said...

I fell in love with the love story in Becoming Jane. I blog about it at After seeing this, I had this urge to watch it again.

Rachel said...

Thanks Geraldine for your comment.
Keep up the good work on your own blog.