Monday, 25 February 2008

'If I Loved You Less' last chapter & 'I Remember Love'

Sorry that I am so slow in updating and checking BJ-related fan-fictions, but at least I can say that I've finished the If I Loved You Less story arc where the old Thomas Langlois Lefroy conversed with Thomas Edward Preston Lefroy about Cadell & Davies letter and the late Jane Austen. Chapter 5 is here already, thanks to Rachel's beta. I hope you find it pleasing to read.

As I said earlier, I have no time to track other Becoming Jane fan-fictions, but I welcome all feedbacks and hints of the existence of other BJ fan-fictions. I can say though, that you should read Jakeline's/Maria's I Remember Love has reached Chapter 13, for it's a very interesting read! Well done, Maria! For other BJ writers, do drop in to give me your links, and I shall put them in the left-side bar.


Maria gave me the link to another BJ fan-fiction, Fantasy & Responsibility by Kae Martyndale. Check the three existing chapters as well, they're touchy to read. Thanks, Maria!

Pic: Bust statue of Thomas Langlois Lefroy, taken from Cranfield's 'From Ireland to Western Australia'

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mamma jakeline said...

Tank you Icha! That means the world, coming from you! :)

I have found another BJ-fic by Kae Martyndale called Fantasy & Responsibility. You can find it here
Three chapters is up and it is worth checking out! :)

/love from Maria in Sweden.