Tuesday, 19 February 2008

BJ deleted scenes in YouTube

I have seen all of the deleted scenes, thanks to Bilbo’s tips for YouTube, and MissJaneAustenfan for providing us the excellent deleted scenes at YouTube. These are the two YouTube clips and my very short comments for each deleted scenes, due to time constrains.

First part:

1. Extended Church Scene: cute brother George! And it’s rather funny to see some people fell asleep when Mr. Austen gave the sermon… (definitely a rather lengthy sermon that Edward Ferrars would not give!)

2. Wisley's First Proposal: Jane’s curtsey was so cute (and very Anne, for that matter, in a good way!)

3. Henry Embarrasses Jane: I wish it was not deleted, for Henry-Jane interaction is always very interesting.

4. Jane Writes to Cassandra: I see Anne’s handwriting was truly loyal to Jane’s style here. And we can see Mrs. Edward Austen’s late pregnancy there as well!

5. Mrs. Austen Reprimands Jane: Oh, love it when Mrs. Austen forbade Jane to see Tom again, and Jane’s reaction. And now finally I understood where the ‘Heart disturbed’ came from. Mr. Austen was the one who said it!

6. Wisley Learns to Dance: so cute! I don’t mind it being there! Okay, it's not so related, but it's funny.

7. Jane Plots in the Rain: nice interactions between Jane-Eliza-Henry.

Second part:

8. Lady Gresham Invites Jane to Dinner: Maggie Smith’s Lady Gresham is always pleasing to see, though I understand why this one is deleted (for it did not give many to the plot)

9. Jane Learns of Tom's Marriage: Bittersweet, sad, though Tom was not married yet at that time. Again, I wish it was not deleted. Later, we can also see the sisterhood between Jane and Cass.

10. Under a Rainy Tree: Again, the sisterhood; they should have let it in the movie. Plus, it reminds me of Marianne and Elinor Dashwood as they walked down the hill after Marianne’s illness.

11. Mrs. Lefroy Comes to Tea: this is seriously the reminiscent of Letter 17 November 1798 when Jane wrote to Cassandra about Mrs. Anne Lefroy visiting Steventon and told a very bit about Tom Lefroy’s visit (‘Mrs. Lefroy did come last Wednesday, and the Harwoods came likewise, but very considerately paid their visit before Mrs. Lefroy's arrival, with whom, in spite of interruptions both from my father and James, I was enough alone to hear all that was interesting, which you will easily credit when I tell you that of her nephew she said nothing at all, and of her friend very little. She did not once mention the name of the former to me, and I was too proud to make any inquiries; but on my father's afterwards asking where he was, I learnt that he was gone back to London in his way to Ireland, where he is called to the Bar and means to practise.’).

12. George is Left Behind: touchy, so George also KNEW that Jane would run away with Tom. But of course he knew, he was there in the forest!

13. Extended Recital Scene: it’s rather interesting to see how, in the end, the soprano also solemnly clapped to Jane Austen and how many people actually rather recognised Jane as someone important or famous. It’s subtle, but lovely; I think it is my most favourite deleted scene of all. Perhaps they should leave it in the movie.

So, overall, buying the US version of Becoming Jane DVD is truly a good investment!


mamma jakeline said...

Hooray! thank you ever so much! the extra material is as I have said before non existent in the Nordic DVD as well!

/hugs from Maria in a sunny Sweden

bilbo said...

Since Icha has so gently urged me to ‘drop some comments’ on the deleted scenes, here are some observations from a well-seasoned male point of view. Please excuse the fact that my comments are not delightfully light and amusing like Icha’s:
My general comment is that a DVD with an extended version of BJ incorporating many of the deleted scenes would be very welcome. Almost all the deleted scenes would enhance the telling of the story, the exception being #11 (George left behind). It is not clear that such an extended version is likely, since it would at least require editing to reconcile the dialog and the score. Comments by scene number:
#1 It was nice to see George sitting next to Jane in church; one couldn’t really tell that in the theatrical release (TR). I had wondered where he came from when he tried to follow Jane & the others after church. It also was nice to see him without a hat on for once.
#2 I love AH’s depiction of reluctance and ‘confusion’ here. This scene also explains why, when Henry arrives, Jane is running toward the house instead of from it.
#4 The TR could definitely use the addition of more scenes with Cassandra. While those with her and Jane together are best, to reflect their closeness in real life, this scene is also good. Note that we never see Edward. He at least is mentioned a few times in the movie; Jane’s other brothers (James, Charles, and Frank) disappeared entirely. I do find it ironic that George, who I believe is not mentioned once in JA’s letters, and apparently never lived with the rest of his family, is ‘featured’ in the film while the others (except, of course, Henry) are entirely absent. This is not to criticize the movie, which was not trying to be 100% factually biographical.
#5 The discussion of the family debts here serves to emphasize the Austens’ tight financial situation and its consequences for the daughters.
#6 I really like this scene of Wisley trying to learn dance steps, and think it adds to his back story as a misunderstood and underappreciated suitor. It adds another layer of irony to the story that his shyness and awkwardness make him appear a ‘booby’ in Jane’s eyes, while he most likely would have been a very affectionate and dependable husband.
#9 Really lovely scene of Jane consoling Cassandra.
#10 Another lovely scene of Jane & Cassandra together. Note that this is the third scene in which Jane learns about Tom’s visit to the Lefroys, the others being when Henry & Eliza tell her and when Mrs. Lefroy comes to tea. I think this would the best scene for that info in an extended version; while Jane’s stunned reaction to the news of his engagement in the scene with Henry & Eliza is quite moving.
#13 This scene of people turning their applause on Jane would be awkwardly similar to many such scenes in other movies (usually romantic comedies with the notable exception of ‘Titanic’), if it were not for her gradual and embarrassed realization the applause is for her. With that reaction, it is tenderly moving.
That about does it for my comments. Remember, Icha, you asked for it.

Icha said...

Bilbo dear, thanks a lot for your review. No, I don't mind at all with your 'not delightfully light and amusing' comments, for they add colours to the blog!

And I have to agree with your comments, particularly #13. I also agree that the inclusion of George in Deleted Scene #11 would not make the scene stronger. I think it was good as it is now, with the 'jogging camera' movement representing Jane's excitement as she eloped with Tom. It's still nice though, to find that George actually saw them going, and it's kinda sweet to know that. It's good as a deleted scene, a background knowledge on the involvement of young George Austen, that was otherwise non-existent in the real story (not that Tom and Jane did elope anyway in the real world. But still...)

So, yeah, I asked for the comments, Bilbo, and I thank you for that!

Icha said...

Oh, and yeah, I don't think we'll have the extended version... but the deleted scenes are already great to have now! I was very disappointed to find my Australian DVD that I rented from Blockbuster did not have any deleted scenes... but now I'm so glad that we did wait for 6 months to have the entire 13 deleted scenes!

Come to think of it... perhaps if we ask Miramax nicely... about the possible extended version DVD... ahem...

mamma jakeline said...

Oh an extended dvd version! I like the idea. We should plead to Miramax! :)

found this lovely clip of James at Leno promoting his forthcoming film "Penelope". I cannot get over how sweet and humble he is! check it out here: http://www.popcrunch.com/james-mcavoy-leno-video-james-mcavoy-the-tonight-show-with-jay-leno-video/

(part 12 of I remember love is up btw)

/hugs from Maria in Sweden