Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Becoming Jane's deleted scenes

Many thanks to Bilbo who has sent me the list of Becoming Jane's deleted scenes, these are the deleted scenes I would very much like to see (and are evidently non-existent in the Australian and NZ DVD versions!):

1. Extended Church Scene
2. Wisley's First Proposal
3. Henry Embarrasses Jane
4. Jane Writes to Cassandra
5. Mrs. Austen Reprimands Jane
6. Wisley Learns to Dance
7. Jane Plots in the Rain
8. Lady Gresham Invites Jane to Dinner
9. Jane Learns of Tom's Marriage
10. Under a Rainy Tree
11. Mrs. Lefroy Comes to Tea
12. George is Left Behind
13. Extended Recital Scene

From the titles, I expect to find interesting scenes, despite them being deleted. I did read somewhere (in Amazon, I think) that some viewers might find the deleted scenes boring, but I often find deleted scenes interesting to see again and again (I especially want to see Scene #9 when Jane learned of Tom's marriage).

So dear friends, please let us know what you think of the deleted scenes? Bilbo, you could drop us some comments on what you think of them, you know, though Rachel has done a review on some of them before; I doubt that the UK version has such an extensive list of deleted scene as the US version.

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