Saturday, 26 January 2008

Jane Austen 2008 Calendar Free to Download!

I have just opened my email inbox to very exciting goodies and I am thrilled to share with the BJ Blog a Jane Austen 2008 Calendar created by Christina. Thank you SO MUCH Christina for sharing your creativity with us all! Personally, I can't wait to print the calendar out and enjoy it for the rest of the year. Print it out on 8 1/2 x 14 paper (legal size).

[Erm, I just need to figure out how to share a PDF file via Blogger. Please bear with me!]


Icha said...

Thank you Christina and Michelle! M, so far I know, there's no feature in Blogger to attach PDF(bugger!), hence you have to convert each page to a jpeg and attach it as a picture. It's up to the readers then, unfortunately, to sew them together again as PDF (which is a very simple thing to do). Go to your Acrobat and save each page as a jpeg.

Anonymous said...

Dear Icha, I don't see any link for the calendar in your posting. Could you please send me a copy to my yahoo address?

Thanks a lot in advance

Icha said...

Hi Mariana,

I've just arrived from the field, hence I have not been able to post the jpeg format of the calendars on the blog. Bare with us as Michelle or I will post it tomorrow at the latest. They're indeed gorgeous!

mamma jakeline said...

icha and Michelle, I am so looking forward to see the calender! :-)

/love from Maria in Sweden

bilbo said...

Hi Icha & Michelle,

This is Jim Kwak, using the screen name 'bilbo'. Icha and I exchanged several e-mails after I sent her news of the scheduled U.S. release of the BJ DVD on Feb. 12. I decided posting is the appropriate way to communicate.

The JA calendar sounds great. A suggestion: Would it be possible to e-mail the pdf file to those on your mailing list (including me, of course)?

Icha said...

Hi Jim! Thanks for your first post, though it's not your first communication with me. I will post the jpeg pictures soon, and I hope you can print it out as it is; Christina gave very good resolutions for the pix.

If you still have probs with it, then I shall send the pdf. But try the jpeg first. Oh, and you will love the calendar, for it has two pages of the 2005 PP!