Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Becoming Jane Triumphs at the People's Choice Awards!

A very big thank you to Mariana for alerting us that Becoming Jane won the People's Choice Award for Favourite Independent Movie, just over two hours ago! :-D A full list of the winners is available here.

I will update this post with James McAvoy's acceptance speech, when it's uploaded to YouTube. *fingers crossed*

Congratulations to the Becoming Jane cast and crew!

Pic: Becoming Jane from: The Observer


Icha said...

Michelle, thank you thank you thank you! And also thanks to Mariana for alerting us!

So sorry for my absence, but I was thinking of the People's Choice Award this morning... and lo and behold, Becoming Jane wins!

Gotta go. Gotta upload a pic of the Award on the left-side bar...

Yay Jane!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely my pleasure dear friends, Michelle and Icha! GREAT Team Jane work!!!!
I like to think that your BJ Fansite helped a lot with the number of votes.
Did anyone else voted more than once?

I’m very-very-very disappointed with this dreadful situation: People’s Choice Awards reduced to few recorded speeches, Golden Globe has been cancelled and it looks like the Oscars are compromised too… such a pity that it happened this year when ‘Becoming Jane’ and ‘Atonement’ teams could have their moments of Glory : -((((

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ladies!!!
You beat me to it today. So happy and proud and its really a great honor as the only thing that matters is what the people think - and they love BJ!


mamma jakeline said...

I have just finished watching ep 2 of sense and sensibility... Oh it is just extaordinary! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes though I know how it ends!

Atonement opens at Friday here in Sweden. I'm trying to convince my darling to come with me to the movies. But he is more interested in Arn - the knight templar for some odd reason! ;) But Arn is no James McAvoy... ;) We simply have to see both! ;)

Hugs from Maria in Sweden... again! ;)

Rachel said...

Thank you for all of these posts!!

I am SOOOOO overjoyed about Becoming Jane winning The Peoples Choice award, it was well deserved!