Thursday, 10 January 2008

James McAvoy's Acceptance Speech at the People's Choice Awards

A very big thank you to Jil for (sharing that sexy accent and) sending us the link to James McAvoy's acceptance speech for Becoming Jane, Favourite Independent Movie at the People's Choice Awards!

Scroll down half-way to stream the clip - that accent should come with a health warning attached, I think. ;)

Pic: James McAvoy from: People


Anonymous said...

Why did I absolutely 'have to' watch that clip TWICE? Well, you know....

Linda the Librarian

Anonymous said...

Actually you don’t need to watch the same clip over and over and over again :- ))
You can hear more of his lovely scottish accent by selecting ‘Awards Show’ on main navigation bar and then ‘Fan Question for Becoming Jane’ …ENJOY!

mamma jakeline said...

Oh that is just evil! ;) telling me to watch the clip when I am at work where my computer absolutely suck and is without sound (nobody knows why, but there it is!)! *growl*

/ love from maria in sweden.

Icha said...

Uh, am with a very snail-speed internet, so hope this goes out.

Thanks to SK Barn too for informing us of the news, though Michelle's warp-speed fingers are much faster than mine (but thankfully for that!).

And here's the link to YouTube, some of the clips are available already there:

Michelle, can you upload the YouTube here in the post as well? I have difficulties with the upload. Thanks mate!

mamma jakeline said...

Oh yes, one needed to watch the clips more than once. I cannot get enough. I long for my BJ-dvd and to see Atonement!

What do you think about being a sex symbol? I don't know that I am a sex symbol. I don't know that I am a sex symbol. Generally the only time that I feel like I might appear to others that I might be sexy is when I've had too much to drink. aw he's the sweetest! ;) (looking at the fanquestioning)

Ok take care!
/love Maria in Sweden