Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Sense & Sensibility 2008 Website Launched

The BBC have just launched the Sense & Sensibility 2008 website, which includes a synopsis, and features video interviews with the cast and crew, including: Hattie Morahan (Elinor), Charity Wakefield (Marianne), Dan Stevens (Edward), Costume, Make-up, Director, and Art Director. There is also a preview clip from Episode One.

There's lots of backstage photos and an episode gallery (yay!) Lots of fantastic, candid behind-the-scenes photos are available here. Enjoy!

Pic: Sense & Sensibility cast from: BBC


Icha said...

Thanks a lot mate, for updating the blog. I hope we have another exciting news (wink! wink!) in the next few days!

Michelle said...


I very much hope so too! My pleasure, by the way. ;) Best of luck in Bali!

Anonymous said...

Hello!Firstly,I want to express my admiration to all those who are preparing this website:)It´s really great work and much appreciated!!Especially for us who live outside the UK,USA or Canada...I am very glad to get the latest news about adaptations of Jane Austen novels;)
So,my request to you:where exactly on BBC could I wouth "Becoming Jane"?-it was mentioned somewhere some time ago,but I can´t remember:/Please,help me:-)
Thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

and will it be possible to watch the latest JA adaptations on BBC1 through the Internet??

Icha said...

Hi Anima, thanks a lot for the nice comments! We owe Michelle for her efforts for JA adaptations here. For Becoming Jane, I don't think the movie is airing in BBC One. But the DVD is now available in UK, Australia and NZ, and on Feb 12 in US.

Also, on the internet, you will find heaps of JA adaptations (at least the clips), so you will get what you want for sure there. Good luck!