Sunday, 2 December 2007

Lydia Bennet's story at!

I am very pleased to inform dear readers that our lovely friend Jane Odiwe has finished writing about Lizzy Bennet's sister, and now 'Lydia Bennet's Story: a Sequel to Pride & Prejudice' is available at,, and also Amazon France and Germany. sells Lydia's story atUSD 17.95 plus shipping, while sells it at GBP 9.99. I think it's a great price for us Lizzy fans who want to know how her brat sister is doing now, so be sure to log into Amazon now. And I hope Team Jane can review it soon and tell you what we think of it. Grand, I'm sure!

On the side note, our friend Maria L. from Sweden (a.k.a. Jakeline) has written two chapters of a 'Becoming Jane' fan-fiction titled 'I Remember Love'. It's about Tom Lefroy reminiscing his days with Jane Austen while he conversed with daughter Jane Lefroy. Lovely, you guys should check them out!

Pic: cover of 'Lydia Bennet's Story' by Jane Odiwe


Rachel said...

Thank you Jane for informing us of your wonderful book. I urge all of you out there to go and buy a copy!

Rachel said...

Wow, Maria, I have just had a chance to read your great work, what a pleasant treat. Thank you so much and keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I second Rachel's comments Maria! Well done and keep it up - I need to know how it comes out!! xo

Michelle said...

Here is the link to Jane's Lydia Bennet blogspot, with excerpts from the new novel! I'm not big on sequels, but this looks charming, and the illustrations are GORGEOUS!! Love, love. I'm looking forward to reading the blog right through tomorrow. ;)

mamma jakeline said...

Kari and Rachel!
Ok, a bit late in replying to your kind words, but thank you! ever so much. It means so much to me that you like it! :)

/love from Maria in Sweden! :D