Saturday, 29 December 2007

Masterpiece Theatre Clips & Interviews on YouTube!

Ah, this is such a nice Jane-y way to close the year ... PBS have uploaded three Jane Austen Season Behind the Scenes interviews with screenwriter Andrew Davis onto Youtube:


An Interview With Andrew Davis : I LOVE this interview - it's short, but loaded. Andrew Davis speaks such sense! His favourite scene from Pride & Prejudice '95 is also my favourite - it just can't be beaten! There's also footage from Northanger Abbey '07 and Sense & Sensibility '08.

Behind the Scenes with Andrew Davis - Jane Austen's Men & Women : This clip is almost better than the previous one - let's just say I gagged laughing, more than once. ;) I really loved listening to Davis's take on the characters in the first part of the clip.

Behind the Scenes with Andrew Davis - Adapting Austen : "When in doubt, copy it out" - fantastic! I love the music at the beginning of the clip. I don't recognise it from any of the other adaptations so I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that it's theme music from Sense & Sensibility.

PBS TV Trailer for the upcoming Jane Austen Season : All six novels on the small screen for the first time. Yay!

UK Jane fans don't have long to wait for Sense & Sensibilty which begins screening on New Year's Day. We can't wait for reviews! The new adaptation will air in the US as part of the PBS Sunday's With Jane extravaganza.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Michelle, the sequence of Darcy gazing at Elizabeth across the room, with that incandescently loving half-smile look on his face, is my favorite too. It has not been beaten yet but (very-very close to that) equaled recently by the ballroom dance sequence in Becoming Jane, when Tom Lefroy ‘magically’ appeared with his bewitching smile… If that's not love then what is?

mamma jakeline said...

Aww how I envy those of you who soon can see the adoptations on telly! I'm going to spend a small fortune on buying the dvd's when I get the chance.

Have a Happy New Year!
/ love from Maria in Sweden.