Saturday, 8 December 2007

DVD Release Dates for Jane Austen Season - UK, USA and Spain

Fantastic news! Most of the Jane Austen Season DVDs are available to pre-order now. Release dates and links to further information below:

Miss Austen Regrets : 15 April, 2008 Educational Use Only (No idea why, more info as it comes to hand)

Region 1:

Northanger Abbey : 22 January, 2008
Mansfield Park : 29 January, 2008
Persuasion : 12 February, 2008 / 15 January, 2008, AMAZON
Sense & Sensibility : 1 March, 2008

Region 2 (Spanish, with dubbed track and subtitles):

Mansfield Park Available Now

Region 2:

Sense & Sensibility : 21 January, 2008

It's all happening with the Jane Austen Season! For more information about DVD Regions, visit DVD Codes

Pic 1: Northanger Abbey DVD cover from: WGBH
Pic 2: Sense & Sensibility DVD cover from: BBC
Pic 3: Mansfield Park Spanish DVD cover from: moviesdistribucion
Pic 4: Persuasion DVD cover from: Amazon

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!You can´t imagine how happy I am now - I was able to order some DVDs of the latest adaptations of Jane Asuten novels (Persuasion,Mansfield Park) and also Becoming Jane, through Internet on help of one of my friends who lives in UK, because I live in Slovakia.It took only 7 days and I got them!!I didn´t expect it would be so comfortable and quick,what great services there are! I´m euphoric and excited to see it, though I should be learning for my tomorrow´s exam...Well,just wanted to share my enthusiasm with you:))