Monday, 27 April 2015

It’s been a lovely 8 years ...

Dear Readers,

Since meeting online 8 years ago and starting this blog we have learnt a lot, we have certainly made many new friends and we have uncovered some fascinating things about Jane and Tom. One of our greatest achievements was putting together a timeline which gave us a foundation for reading, discovering and writing other things about Jane that are now close to our heart.

8 years is a long time and we are running out of quotes but more importantly each of us has little time these days and have therefore decided that we will not be continuing with our quote of the week. This is not the end though, we are still going to be committed to posting when we have something interesting to say about Jane, Tom or indeed any JA adaptations that we want to talk about and share with you all.

Icha is visiting Europe in June and we are hoping to meet up and visit Bath and Chawton together, something we have wished for since we started speaking in 2007 so we will definitely be updating the blog with our adventures then.

This is not goodbye as we will all still be very much linked to this blog and will still respond to any comments that we receive but we want to thank all of you for your contributions and for making this journey really enjoyable.

Until you hear from us again, enjoy the archives!

Love Rachel, Icha and Linda xxx

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Ester Carolina said...


bilbo said...

Dear Icha, Rachel, & Linda,

Your blog will be deeply missed. I haven't commented for a long time, but I have kept up - indeed it has been my home page all this time. The very best of futures to you.

Sommer Blair said...

I just made a little tribute to Jane Austen on my YouTube channel and I would love it if you all could take a look at it. It is about Jane's ability to weave a story so strong and vivid it infects your mind and enters your dreams.
Thanks so much,

Sommer Blair

Linda said...

Dear Sommer, Sorry it took me so long to see your video. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You have quite a talent.
Yrs aff'ly,

Unknown said...

Return right, every day I'm seeing the blog looking for information. Thank you <3