Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A puzzle

A friend from Singapore (Amy) sent us this piece of letter. Truly a piece of a letter, very old, and might be attributed to one of Jane's acquaintance, or even Jane Austen herself.

Guess what was written in this piece of paper? Try to type it on the comment section so that we can see which one has the best guess. No prize this time for the winner, but hey, it's a fun thing to do!

The answer will be posted (along with a rather long story of how Amy found this letter) next week, before the weekend.

Good luck and have fun! And thanks a lot Amy for contacting us!


Nicole said...

eeee I can barely read my own handwriting let alone anyone else's ;p

Icha said...

Aawww... come on, Nicole, try it!

Btw, that lucky girl, with the koala in the bath tub. So cute!!! I want one! I have been living in Australia since 2003, but I haven't actually seen one in the wild! (not that the road is a wilderness...)

Mimi said...

Longbad ac lie 1856
Misr Gernu Japatand


Nefry London

I am totally guessing. What does it say? once I know it might make actually sense

Icha said...

Ack! Is it already a week?? OMG! Time goes by...

Okay, will post the answer tomorrow. Unfortunately, Mimi, it wasn't the correct answer, but fret not. I could not comprehend it either. At all.

Mimi said...

before you post the answer can you give me a hint?

first word a place or name, a month, etc. If i knew that much it would help. btw, the writer was not very uniform and broke some script rules. i am usually good at this.

Icha said...

Hi Mimi, sorry am so slow these days. Planning to post the answer tomorrow. Anyway, Lefroy is a hint, and also one of the latest months of the year. Hope it helps.