Sunday, 4 April 2010

Jane Austen Quote Week 102

Dearest freinds,

This week’s quote is taken from Mansfield Park, a very famous one I take it. Mansfield Park, Volume I Chapter 10:

Dinner was soon followed by tea and coffee, a ten miles' drive home allowed no waste of hours; and from the time of their sitting down to table, it was a quick succession of busy nothings till the carriage came to the door, and Mrs. Norris, having fidgeted about, and obtained a few pheasants' eggs and a cream cheese from the housekeeper, and made abundance of civil speeches to Mrs. Rushworth, was ready to lead the way.

Fanny Price (Frances O’Connor) also uttered the adapted version of this line in MP 1999 (my favourite so far):

Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings

Indeed, it was yesterday when I wrote my diary and realised it was April 2010 already! And of course – as many of you – I also felt like I was doing nothing. Where did the time go?

But take heart, ladies and gents. The best way to counter that wretched voice that says that you have not accomplished many (if not at all) is to list one by one your achievement this year, these three months, or whatever time frame you choose. It may only be 1-2 things, but if they are indeed of substances…that is encouraging, is it not?

For instance, the last three months since January, I’ve been doing a lot, and I mean truly and honestly aplenty dosage of contemplation and healing. I’ve uncovered many layers that I did not realise I had (have) until my inner digging. That’s one thing, but very important for me.

So go on now, take a piece of paper and make a counter-argument of your own belief that you have done nothing the last few [whatever time you choose]. It’s fun, and uplifting!

Pic: Johannes Vermeer’s famous Milkmaid


Katherine said...

I adore this blog! Please visit one that I am a part of,
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Thanks and keep it up!


Rachel said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Katherine. I have just had a quick look at your blog (will read it more thoroughly later)- it looks great! Such a good idea.
Keep up the good work aswell!
Thanks again.