Friday, 27 February 2009

Marvel's take on Pride & Prejudice!

Well, thanks to Michelle, who has spotted this one earlier and who understands my fascination towards comic world, here's Pride & Prejudice by Marvel Comics! You know Marvel, don't you dear friends?

Oh well... most definitely NOT Jane Austen. Marvel usually dwells on Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Thor, the Hulk... Iron Man... you got the idea... all superhero stuffs. So, it's a surprise for me that they chose to adapt one of Jane Austen's most famous novels, Pride & Prejudice. But rest assure, dear friends, it seems that the author, two-time Rita Award-Winner Nancy Butler and acclaimed artist Hugo Petrus are taking care of PP seriously. Here's what Ms. Butler says about her project:

"I've tried to keep the flavor and sly humor of the story, and modernized the language only for better understanding," explains Butler. "Wherever space allowed, I've used Jane Austen's own words. This is your grandmother's PRIDE & PREJUDICE, and your mother's and your own."

Ah well... methink it's a refreshing take... though I honestly think that the art is too modern for Jane Austen. I can see Mary Jane Parker (Spiderman Peter Parker's wife) as Lizzy Bennet due to her hair colour etc. I wouldn't mind if the art is toned down a bit to make it more Georgian style. Not the hair style or clothes, I think Hugo Petrus got it right... the pen strokes. Too... too bold for a Georgian era. Still, a lovely comic, I might say...

Click here for the 5 pages sneak peek of PP#1 by Marvel Comics.

Pic: Part of the cover to Pride & Prejudice #1 by Marvel Comics


Anonymous said...

When is it coming out?

Icha said...

It should be April the 1st. Not April's Fool I hope :-)

PRIDE & PREJUDICE #1 (of 5) (FEB092473)
Penciled by HUGO PETRUS
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC-3/12/09, On-Sale-4/1/09