Saturday, 21 February 2009

Anne Hathaway is nominated for Academy Award's Best Actress!

I have to apologise for this post for I created bias by not displaying proper Oscar news about James McAvoy's Atonement Oscar achievements last year (didn't mean to... was just too busy with life... and still now...). I should've done or suggested a post about JMA last year, but just didn't think of it. Now I think we should post any exciting news about James MacAvoy and Anne Hathaway as the main actor and actress for Becoming Jane (plus other supporting casts).

Anyway, I also have to apologise for the belated news, for surely many of you have been following Oscar news this year... I just didn't realise that four of five nominees in this year's Oscar is my favourite actresses. This is the complete list of Oscar 2009 nominees for Best Actress in alphabetical order:

Anne Hathaway - 'Rachel Getting Married'
Angelina Jolie - 'Changeling'
Melissa Leo - 'Frozen River'
Meryl Streep - 'Doubt'
Kate Winslet - 'The Reader'

I don't have an opinion about Ms. Leo, but that's more attributed to my lack of knowledge of her. But the other actresses are my fave (particularly Anne, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet), and I'm so proud of Anne for her achievement! What a great girl she is!

So, I don't care if Annie doesn't win this year's Oscar, which will be announced tomorrow... she's still my fave actress. I wouldn't mind seeing Meryl or Kate winning either...

See this for the complete profile of 'Rachel Getting Married'.

Pic: Anne Hathaway as Kym from Wikipedia's 'Rachel Getting Married'


Malivich said...

I agree with you about my favorite actress. Win or not we get to hear her sing.

Would have loved to have seen her in the lead in Phantom of the Opera, but she was working Diaries 2.

So be life

Icha said...

Really? When is Anne going to sing? In the OSCAR??? Man oh man! And I don't have TV in the field now!

Oh yeah, Anne singing "Woman in White" was sooo amazing!